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Best biryani in Hyderabad?


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  1. 1. Your favourite biryani place in Hyderabad?

    • Paradise
    • Shah-Ghouse
    • Hotel Shadab
    • Bawarchi Restaurant
    • Cafe Bahar
    • Shadab
    • Pakwaan
    • Sarvi
    • Mehfil

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One of my friends recently visited from Bangalore. His obvious dialogue? Let's eat Biryani! 

I don't have any favourite place. I switch between different place, since we have so many options. 
Wan't to know which place is top of the list.  I have created a poll based on google reviews. 

My personal favourite:

  • Paradise 
  • Shah-Ghouse 


Share your favourite place

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1) Paradise - might stick to this one now given the Sanity. 


Below are excellent in taste but we definitely have Sanity issues:


1) Shadaab

2) shahghouse

3) bavarchi 


Other best ones both in taste and Sanity:


1) Astoria rtc x roads (once upon a time around 2012, don't know how it is now). 

2) Swagath 

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I have tried almost all the Biryani outlets in town, my top favorites are:

1. Pista House (consistent taste at all the outlets, value for money)

2. Shah Ghouse (Unique and consistent taste and quantity of food- full value for money

3. Shadab (Unique and consistent taste)
By unique taste, i mean, I can tell the brand even if I eat with Blind eyes.

4. ITC Kakatiya (Begumpet) and ITC Kohenur (Hitec City): Bit costly but wonderful taste

5. Paradise (I am observing degradation in quality over 10 years- my personal view, please no offence to Paradise Fans)


Disclaimer: My assessment is only based on "Chicken Biryani"

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Few Outlets which in my list 
1) Al Saba - Gachibowli 
2) Pakwaan - near Balanagar
3) Shadab- Madina 
4) Shah Ghouse -Gachibowli 
5) Pista House - if you are considering less or no spicy 
Having said that, if you are lucky enough on a specific day green Bawarachi yusufguda  is a good option. 
RTC Bawarachi is all time, authentic, however this side of city dont have the luxury of going there for a biriyani. 

Nevertheless, the home made one for a change !

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Paradise sure serves the best Biriyani and Sarvis mutton biriyani at the Banjara Hills branch turned out to be my recent favourite.. I was amazed by its taste which had driven me to that place quite a number of times though it is far away. 
Pista house serves good stuff too..

Bawarchi at RTC x roads is one of the all time best places to serve biriyani as well.


Shaghouse taste is so inconsistent that the meat is at times not well cooked.. 

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  1. Al Saba biryani (Gachibowli)
  2. Hotel Abhiruchi, Mixed Pulao :  Specially for the people who love spicy food. 
  3. Bawarchi (RTC cross roads) : Only problem is driving to the other side of the city

Quick question, Bawarchi has any branches towards Madhapur/Kukapally?

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