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Friends ....I hope all of you are doing well in such Pandemic Time.....Wishing all of you to have safe on-coming road trips ....as everything slowly opening up .


I am planning for a  road trip from Hyderabad to Bhubaneswar around end of October-2020.  My hometown is Bhubaneswar . This trip was planned in Apill-2020 with a 2 days halt at Vizag but cancelled due to lockdown. This time pretty determined to do this trip due to WFH & kids online classes......😀😀😀


This will be my first road trip to Bhubaneswar from Hyderabad. I will drive single in my TOYOTA ETIOS SEDAN (VD-SP) with my wife and my two daughters. I have confidence to drive this 1100 km in one day  ( exactly my home is 1084km from PUPPALAGUDA , MANIKONDA near to AIIMs BHUBANESWAR). Earlier I had driven around 21hrs in one day for covering 753 km (HYDERABAD TO OMKARESWAR ....the ROAD condition was very very bad on this trip) . So I think I can drive through this 1100km as I expect the roads are almost 4 lane along with NATIONAL HIGHWAY all the way. Of-course  there will be couple of breaks like BREAKFAST,LUNCH,EVENING SNACKs and probably dinner as well along with couple of bio breaks as needed. 


Couple of preparation notes as below.


1. It will be one day drive to Bhubaneswar without any night halt .

2. Planning to start at Morning 4AM and reach Bhubaneswar by late evening on the same day.

3. The car has new tyres ( replaced all 4 in Feb-2019 ) and Battery was replaced around Mid-2019. The annual servicing was also done in Aug-2020. The pollution check was done with insurance is renewed. So the vehicle is all set for the long trip.

4. The FASTTAG account has been charged with Rs.1200. I guess till Bhubaneswar  Rs.1200 toll should be enough .

5. Planning to pack all food items (breakfast, lunch, snacks, fruits ) and water cartoons.  No plan at all to go to any local shop/restaurant except re-fuelling on the way to Bhubaneswar due to Covid . 

3. I guess it will be all straight road (NATIONAL HIGHWAY) till Bhubaneswar. Plan to take HYDERABAD-VIJAYAWADA-ELURU-RAJAHMUNDRY-TUNI-VISAKHAPATNAM-VIZIANAGARAM-SRIKAKULAM-BERHAMPUR-BHUBANESWAR. The roads should be mostly 4 lane till Bhubaneswar and roads must be in good condition as per feedback received from fellow friends.


While crossing cities like VIJAYAWADA, RAJAHMUNDRY , VISAKHAPATNAM , I guess , I need not to enter inside these cities. It will just be like passing  these cities on the highway like we cross KURNOOL,ANANTAPUR etc....while travelling to Bangalore.


I also assume that no more E-PASS is required to pass through ANDHRA PRADESH and there should not be long queues of vehicle in the AP check posts as heared earlier  during lockdown times.


Any feedback or suggestion from all of you whoever has done this road trip recently will be much appreciated.


Thank you.




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There is another route from HYDERABAD to BHUBANESWAR , Which I am planning to take .




This route till DIGAPAHANDI is full of GHATs and very scenic. If the road conditions are ok, Driving in this route would be a absolute bliss.


I am quite familiar with the route JEYPORE-KORAPUT-RAYAGADA-ADAVA-MOHNA-TAPTAPANI-DIGAPAHANDI-BERHAMPUR-BHUBANESWAR  though not sure how is the road condition in these recent years having not been to my home town (BUBANESWAR ) from last 4 years. As per some feedback from friends , the stretch JEYPORE-KORAPUT-RAYAGADA-ADAVA-MOHNA-TAPTAPANI-DIGAPAHANDI is good . The stretch between BERHAMPUR-BHUBANESWAR is undergoing road widening . So there are lots of diversions. 


My main worry in this route is the road condition between HYDERABAD to BHADRACHALAM and BHADRACHALAM to MALKANGIRI . If anyone has recently travelled in this route kindly let me know the ROAD CONDITION.

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