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Monsoon Diaries Kund mala and kesarsai dam Pune

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Note: Lockdown is over not the Pandemic. We request travelers to follow all safety measures.


We have taken at most care like,

-          Used personal car for all drive.

-          Carried homemade food and water during all travel.

-          Used face mask and sanitizers wherever required.

-          Avoided crowded places. Planned travel on weekdays

Pune is heaven for monsoon drive. It is surrounded by lush green hills, reservoirs and waterfalls. 


My companion in travel.

-       Car Baleno Zeta CVT – reliable partner.

-       Smartphone Poco f1 – all the photos were taken with it.


Difficulty level:

-       No problem for elders and kids.

-       During rain area becomes slippery. So be careful.


Road conditions:

-       Roads are good For Kund mala and kesarsai dam (road is bit bad near kesarsai dam). But manageable by car and bikes.


Best time to visit:

-       The monsoon is the best season to visit the place with family and tourists will not regret having chosen the destination.

-       If you hate crowed and wants to enjoy peacefully then plan trip on weekdays. 


Kund mala location: https://goo.gl/maps/Crcyopyh2n3YrELEA


Kesarsai dam* location: https://goo.gl/maps/jp36hr6RKfUgosscA

*Main entry to the dam is closed due to Covid19. One can enjoy boating in backwater.


To the point: Let’s be honest, Lonavala and Mahabaleshwar is too overdone now and we’re looking for someplace new to visit around the city! Full of nature's beauty and interesting history, Talegaon-Dabhade can be that offbeat travel destination you’ve been searching for. Hence selected Kund mala and kesarsai dam.

Both the places are 16 km away from each other. Hence opted both for a day trip.


Kund Mala. This lesser-known waterfall, situated in a small village Kund Mala in Maval Taluka, is an absolute treat for the eyes. Kund Mala falls are located about 3 km off the old Mumbai-Pune highway. The gushing waters of Indrayani river cascaded over the rocks for years, eventually forming gorges in these rocks. The river's water flowing over these gorges gave rise to the Kund Mala falls. Being relatively unexplored, these falls are pristine, tranquil and secluded. In short, perfect for a peaceful time away from the bustling city life. Drink up the views, splash in the waters or lounge around on the banks of the river in the shade of the surrounding trees; Kund Mala is perfect for a short monsoon drive.

We’ve all seen this magnificent Ganesh idol while driving across the Mumbai-Pune Expressway; but it is closed for the visitors, hence not visited. Built By the Birlas, you have to climb over 100 steps to reach this temple. The idol is 54 feet in height and placed on an 18 feet pedestal. It’s strategic elevated location gives you panoramic views of the countryside all round! Go here to pray or for the view; this temple is a must-visit when in this area.




No crowed more fun













A landscape view




Natures design




Few tried to cross the fall




Kesarsai dam. Situated at a distance of 10 km from Hinjewadi in Pune, Kasarsai Dam is one of the popular picnic spots and weekend escape from the hustle bustle of the city. Flanked by lush green hills on one side and sprawling green fields on the other side, Kasarsai Dam has a boat house that is a highlight of the place. Another major attraction at the place is watching the beautiful sunset views from here that attracts a lot of tourist influx.

Boasting of utter peace and tranquillity, the place also has boating options that the tourists can avail. In addition to that, there are a few eateries and refreshments stalls near Kasarsai Dam from where you can relish a piping hot bowl of maggi and sip steaming tea or coffee with it. You can also find other snacks at these stalls as well.










Teaching kid that there is life beyond book.




A treat for beautiful trip













A evening worth remembering 





This guide is meant for beginner travelers who could use a little help with structuring their short trip.

I aim to create travel Vlogs and guides to inspire others. And equip with useful + valuable insights for your next adventure. Most importantly to make genuine connections and new friends. Let’s explore the world together.

follow me on instangram @nomadic_mit

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Best mobile pictures in our website. Great pictures. It was a visual treat. 


22 minutes ago, mit1682 said:

Few tried to cross the fall


Looks scary. Did he made it to the other end? 

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7 minutes ago, Gowtham said:

Best mobile pictures in our website. Great pictures. It was a visual treat. 



Looks scary. Did he made it to the other end? 

Ya. When I checked with him, he said it is their daily route. Being local for them it is easy. Instructed me not to do this.

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10 minutes ago, Shekar said:

Beautiful location and awesome clicks. Is it only day trip from Pune or there are any stay options available?


Pune has many gateway. Even month is insufficient to explore it. I have decided to explore few less know places. There are few places where night camping available. In above location no stay option available

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Excellent pictures and amazing details @mit1682... You have covered all the necessary details required for a day trip to these places.. 
There are a few places as such in Kerala too where people cross these water flowing streams by car on a daily basis.. Looks super risky to us though.. 

You are making full use of this Pandemic time and I am jealous for not being around Pune especially during the monsoon time this year 😅 Cheers buddy.. Looking forward to witness a many more off beat travel destinations in the western ghats region 🙂

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