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Monsoon Diaries - Necklace point Bhor and Bhatghar dam Pune

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Note: Lock-down is over not the Pandemic. We request travelers to follow all safety measures.


We have taken at most care like,

-          Used personal car for all drive.

-          Carried homemade food and water during all travel.

-          Used face mask and sanitizers wherever required.

-          Avoided crowded places. Planned travel on weekdays

Pune is heaven for monsoon drive. It is surrounded by lush green hills, reservoirs and waterfalls. 


My companion in travel.

-       Car Baleno Zeta CVT – reliable partner.

-       Smartphone Poco f1 – all the photos were taken with it.


Difficulty level:

-       No problem for elders and kids.

-       During rain area becomes slippery. So be careful.


Road conditions:

-       Roads are good till Necklace point. After that it is mixed of good and bad road but manageable by car and bikes.


Best time to visit:

-       The monsoon is the best season to visit the place with family and tourists will not regret having chosen the destination.

-       If you hate crowed and wants to enjoy peacefully then plan trip on weekdays. 


Necklace point location: https://goo.gl/maps/1QYinwGD8idB6rSW9


Bhatghar dam* location: https://goo.gl/maps/zNFLepx3HBVawGFS7

*Main entry to the dam is closed due to Covid19. But there is access to backwater. Few agencies provide camping facility also.


I had seen numerous pictures of the Necklace point Pune on social media, and it was on my list since the last monsoon. And Bhatghar dam was just a few kilometres ahead, so I added it to my trip.


Journey started Crossing Jambhulwadi Lake and Katraj tunnel on NH48

We left the house in wagholi at 9.30 am. Took the Sinhgad road to join the highway NH48. Jambhulwadi Lake and the bridge is an extremely beautiful area.

Katraj tunnel although not the midpoint of the journey, felt like an achievement when I crossed it. There is something beautiful about being in the dark tunnel and watching the light at the end of the tunnel coming closer. Knowing that soon I will be out of the darkness and into the sunshine. Hope the same happens with coronavirus pandemic.



Necklace point is near Bhatghar dam in Bhor area, it’s a location where Nira river and Gunjawani river embrace each other at a prominent place and create a Necklace shaped meander. That’s how this scenic viewpoint got its name as the Necklace point.




















Bhatghar Dam is constructed on Nira river near Velvandi village and is a gravity dam. One of the oldest dams in Maharashtra constructed by British. The height of the dam above lowest foundation is 57.92 m (190.0 ft) while the length is 1,625 m (5,331 ft). The volume content is 650×106 m3 (23×109 cu ft) and gross storage capacity is 666×106 m3 (23.5×109 cu ft). Main purpose is irrigation and hydroelectricity.

Route: It’s a maximum 2 hours drive from Pune that can be reached via two ways – one through Saswad road and another is via Pune – Satara road. I advice to use Satara road.


























You can also go to Bhoreshwar temple, which is near to necklace point. It’s a very old temple dedicated to Lord Shiva which is carved out of stone with a huge Nandi Idol.


Another attraction is Mandhardevi temple which is 1 hr journey from necklace point. But presently it is closed due to Covid19 and hence we have not visited.


This guide is meant for beginner travelers who could use a little help with structuring their short trip.


I aim to create travel Vlogs and guides to inspire others. And equip with useful + valuable insights for your next adventure. Most importantly to make genuine connections and new friends. Let’s explore the world together.


follow me on instangram @nomadic_mit

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