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Speed limits in Hyderabad City


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Anyone has information related to speed limits in Hyderabad City?


I tried to search online but couldn't find much information. Some of our members shared the following information.
Please update information you have. I will update the main post. 


Details can vary:

  • Hyderabad ORR : 100KMPH
  • Hyderabad City FlyOvers : 40KMPH
  • TankBund : 60KMPH
  • Jubliee hills check post: 50KMPH
  • Around IKEA : 40KMPH
  • PVNR Expressway : 40-60 KMPH


Nation wide limits for all the cities:

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You can check you E-Challans and share the details here:

Some of the information shared by our members:


What is the speed limit on Tank Bund road?
Today I got a challan as I was above 60kmph 😑
My speed was 73kmph.
Are these speed limits all across the city?
I hardly noticed any speed limit board on Tank Bund road.



I was fined for speed limit near jubilee check post road for speeding 68 km/h. Mentioning speed limit as 50km/h.


Speed limit on Tank Bund Road is 40kmph and on most city roads it's the same.
Not sure why it's mentioned as SL 60kmph in the pic.



In certain parts of the city ,speed limit is 40kmph, on flyovers 30kmph. Depends on ur luck, you might get a challan for travelling @ 40kmph on 30kmph road. There will be no clear sign boards. Its just another money minting business to loot the public by govts.



I got a speed violation challan @ Hi Tech city while turning left towards Madhapur from Kukatpally. Hardly anyone can drive beyond 30km/hr in that location! I don't know whether the speed gun was misfired! There is no point lodging grievance, it would be like crying in a forest!



It is all across the city mostly around Jubilee and Banjara hills roads. Speed limit signages are in-place but we usually don't notice and it varies anywhere from 40-60


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Overspeeding challans: ORR in total 9 cameras. Pvnr cams near pillar 82 while heading to shamshabad and pillar 92 while headed back to Mehdipatnam.


Pillar number 203 both ways. Kbr Park cameras both ways. Mostly captured from bushes, rethibowli near congress hand statue, and below pvnr. Vidyanagar, begumpet flyover to bj hills, necklace road people's plaza, tank bund, boo diversity flyover.


Other potential places: gachibowli flyover, ikea to inorbit flyover, new durgam cheruvu flyover, Patny flyover, Hitech city Road towards cyber towers few guys got challan during lock down, 100ft Road is also quite a possibility.


Orr limit is 100, pvnr 40 and 60, thankfully the speeding cam points are for 60 kmph. City wise its 40 kph everywhere.


Tank bund is 40 kph.. Intention is very clear by authorities, its to make money in the pretext of promoting road safety.


If road safety was their concern, the quality of roads and tar should be improved first. Secondly, cc license issuance on the basis of active driving experience and stringent driving licence tests. Thirdly lack of common sense and civic sense among fellow motorists. :- Aneesh 

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Hyderabad: Hyderabad traffic police, on Wednesday, seized an Innova car displaying fake registration number while conducting routine vehicle checking at KBR Park in the city.

The traffic officials were surprised after they found that the original registration number of the Innova car was of an auto-rickshaw.

The original registration number of the Innova car is TS 09UC 7162. However, the car driver fixed a plate with the registration number, TS 07 UC 7162, which is of an auto.

According to Banjara Hills traffic police station, the Innova driver also violated the speed rule thrice and challans generated have gone to the owner of the auto bearing No. TS 07 UC 7162. 

Moreover, the driver of the Innova car used a white number plate, instead of an yellow one even when his vehicle was a taxi

source: newsmeter.in



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3 minutes ago, pavanbandari said:

40KMPH which is a good speed in City limits in these traffic conditions.


40 KMPH is too low eve for city standards. All of us will cross the limit in our day to day driving. I feel it is meant to extract money. 

60 KMPH should be decent option. 

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Interesting read, thanks for initiating this thread.

In Hyderabad, I have been driving for >8 years now, and I got only 1 Challan, but it was really interesting.

Cyberabad traffic police sent me eChallan for dangerous driving on Ikea Flyover. The speed mentioned in my echallan is 46 kmph. Technically, they are right, but I was really surprised.

The picture posted by them is at the end of the flyover; down the slope. Unlucky me !


Do you guys know, how to challenge any eChallans?

I am not going to challenge this Ikea flyover eChallan, but just for information.

Edited by Kshitiz
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11 hours ago, Kshitiz said:

Do you guys know, how to challenge any eChallans?


Through their website or you can contact traffic cops on WhatsApp. 


11 hours ago, Kshitiz said:

The speed mentioned in my echallan is 46 kmph.


In most of the countries they have at least 10KMPH buffer, just for the speed gun calibration. These things are not 100% accurate. 
I was fined for doing 104KMPH on Hyderabad ORR :) 


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