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Investment in Indian Automobile shares

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What every other IT guy doing during COVID? Invest in shares :) 
Since we are automotive group. I am planning to make small investments in automobile shares. I am considering follow options:


  1. TATA Automobiles 
  2. Mahindra and Mahindra Automobiles
  3. Bajaj Automobiles


What is your opinion on these companies in long run?

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Many enthusiasts already burnt their fingers with Tata.
it is pretty much unpredictable.
post COVID it is doing well.
I have balanced out and made an exit recently.

It went down till 60, it was good investment at that point. @Current price I would avoid.

LR/Jaguar are not doing good in the international markets.

If Tata was able to get rid of them, there will be bull run. But in the current situation, it is very doubtful.

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22 hours ago, shiva said:

current situation. 


Automobiles will pickup for sure. 
But we are in the middle of a trend shift Gasoline engines to Electric motors.

We will see major shift in the companies. Some will survive and some will exit. 

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