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On 11/3/2017 at 9:49 AM, Ranger said:

Joined the club.


Save those pictures, they have great photography skills.
Wish they had high resolution cameras. 

Long ques at Gachibowli exit, they had no intention to setup something like fast-tag? 

The purpose of ORR is for fast commute, If they don't introduce electronic toll. It will be a mess in coming years. 

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Hyderabad ORR to implement electronic collection


Key points:

  • Gachibowli to Shamshabad section will be implemented in the first phase  
  • First phase will be in experimental stage for the next two months. (Gachibowli-Shamshabad 24 kilometers)
  • To utilize the services we need to procure the RFID tag
  • Tag will work on prepaid basis.
  • Service is will be active from November 27th (will be inaugurated by KTR)
  • Depending on the response, it will be extended to all sections (158 kilometers)


How to get RFID for Hyderabad ORR?
Initially around 1000 tags are imported from Hong Kong, tags will be issued after taking vehicle details.

Soon they are planning to tie up with few backs to recharge the RFID tags.


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4 minutes ago, vjeevan said:

Where do I buy the RFID from? Is it different from Fast tag?


We will get more details once it is launched.

Initially, we can get it from toll both since it is still in trial mode.

I would suggest to wait for few more days before buying.


6 minutes ago, vjeevan said:

Fast tag won't work???

Fast tag is under NHAI, I doubt if it will work on Hyderabad ORR.
If there is a tie up, fast tag it makes more sense. If not our windshields will be filled with RFID tags 

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On 11/3/2017 at 10:30 AM, Ranger said:

Hyderabad ORR toll update, multiple entry introduced.


Small correction. It's not multiple entry. It's only up and down. .
Take entry ticket and get onto Orr.
At exit ask for up and down and pay the amount for both up and down.
He will give a slip. Keep it with you for your return journey.

Return journey, at entry take a token.
At exit. Give both token and up and down slip you have taken earlier.

Valid for 24 hours. For two single journeys.

Initially, they checked slip manually and let me use it multiple times. Now, they started scanning and are allowing only for two single journeys.


I'll post the picture of the slip in a while.

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11 minutes ago, vjeevan said:

Small correction. It's not multiple entry. It's only up and down.


So we can use it only once?

Gachibowli ORR to Shamshabad (pay for return at Shamshabad exit)

Shamshabad to Gachibowli (We can use up and down ticket)

Again, If we want to drive from Gachibowli to Shamshabad, it wont work.


11 minutes ago, karthik said:

If there is a tie up, fast tag it makes more sense.


Agree on it, Fast-tag implementation will be easy. 

From the information received RFID tags are procured from Hong Kong. These wont work with fast tag.
Let's wait and see. 

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Two more young life's lost their life on Hyderabad ORR.

Toyota Etios lost control, hit the median,jumped over the divider and banged head on with i20, which is coming on the opposite direction.

My suggestion to people driving on ORR, please don't stick to fast lane.
Simple lapse in concentration can be fatal.

Use fast lane to overtake and switch back to second lane.
Some ORR stretches are very isolated, after a long drive we trend to get over relaxed. 




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4 minutes ago, suniljgbt said:

Currently Fastag implemented only on National highways. ORR folks dont even know about this.


Yeah, fastag may not work for Hyderabad ORR.


Check this post


Telangana govt. is planning to implement separate RFID tag for Hyderabad ORR.


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  • 5 weeks later...
On 12/18/2017 at 5:30 PM, Ranger said:


Yeah, fastag may not work for Hyderabad ORR.



I seriously feel Fast-tags should be considered by the Telangana Govt. Last weekend during my trip to Andhra Pradesh, I have observed immense promotion of fast-tags issued by the SBI at big eateries or restaurants like '7' and 'Palle Ruchulu' restaurants. It definitely reduces a lot of time getting wasted at the Toll gates. 

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48 minutes ago, sagar said:

I seriously feel Fast-tags should be considered by the Telangana Govt.


Congestion near tolls, now a common sight on Hyderabad ORR.

They should provide some alternative to daily commuters.

Implementing fast-tag on Hyderabad ORR? may not be possible, since it comes under national highways.
I may be wrong with above statement. 

Off-late traffic levels are pretty high between Gachibowli and Shamshabad exit. 


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There has to be dedicated lanes functioning exclusively for Fast-tags no matter what. This is not seen in our country which I have noticed better seen in the north but in the South of where I have travelled in India, All the vehicles take all the lanes. This doesn't encourage the commuters to purchase a fast-tag.

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15 minutes ago, hemsz said:

I have got an RFID tag which I got along with my car while purchase. How can I activate it? Can i recharge it and use the same for tolls on highways. 


That doesn't work, you need to get a separate tag called fast-tag.


Fast-tag is currently working on national highways.

It is still not enabled on Hyderbad ORR.



You can go through the above link.

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13 hours ago, hemsz said:


Just for info - why is that RFID used for?



RFID is basically Radio frequency identification device which Is just like a bar code or a strip on your credit card. This RFID tags installation was done by the Government earlier not just for the electronic toll collection but also to track any vehicle at any point of time without the consent of the vehicle owner.

I have heard that this still appears that there is technically no legal grounds for this tag mandate by the government so far as this could lead to several privacy issues which have not been addressed.

During a period, this was installed on all the medium and heavy vehicles in the country. There is still no clear information on the ways which the Government intents to use the RFID tags which have already been installed.

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35 minutes ago, sagar said:

During a period, this was installed on all the medium and heavy vehicles in the country. There is still no clear information on the ways which the Government intents to use the RFID tags which have already been installed.


Thanks Sagar. 

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  • 1 month later...

What happened to Gachibowli to Shamshabad section.

Road quality went down drastically.

Very bad maintenance.

Also they increased the toll price from 20/- to 30/-

Any information on fast-tag solution?

Daily I'm waiting around 10 minutes at Gachibowli exit?

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  • 1 month later...

Hyderabad ORR update:



Hyderabad: Municipal Administration and Urban Development Minister KT Rama Rao is likely to inaugurate the entire 158.6 km Outer Ring Road (ORR) on April 24, said Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA) Commissioner T Chiranjeevulu.

source : Telangana new

Finally it is opening :)

If we do one full round and exit at the same gate. 
We will be charged zero? :D

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14 hours ago, shiva said:

If we do one full round and exit at the same gate. 

We will be charged zero?:D


That is a valid question.

Even I have this doubt in my mind.

Once the road is opened.

I will do a complete circle and will update you.


Nowadays, Hyderabad ORR is too boring to drive.

May be we can do it early in the morning.

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On ‎4‎/‎15‎/‎2018 at 12:11 AM, shiva said:

If we do one full round and exit at the same gate. 
We will be charged zero? :D


I haven't understood the logic behind this..? How will we be charged zero :D

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  • 1 month later...

Earlier this month maximum speed limits on expressways are increased up to 120km/hr across the country.


Since Hyderabad ORR falls under expressway category, many commuters expected a bump in speed limit.

Even after notification has been issued by the union government, Telangana government decided not to increase the speed limit keeping insight to control fatal accidents on the Hyderabad ORR.

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Update by Parag:


Trust me I loved this and here is why :
Only recently on my way to Nagpur & back from Bangalore, as part of my route, I had to drive ~68 Kms on this Outer Ring road to get onto the other side. My earlier drives on this was only at night when the limit was 120 KMPH If I recollect.


So this post is to share the heartwarming experience of driving on Hyderabad’s Outer Ring Road where almost all the cars indeed drove strictly with an upper limit of 100 KMPH all the times.


If I ignore the blatant disregard for lane discipline part or even the way the same drivers exhibited extreme discomfort by cutting queues at the exit toll, the whole experience of driving under the limits felt extremely safe if I instantly compare this to the way cars are driven on Bangalore’s NICE Road or Mumbai Pune Expressway at breakneck speeds!



During my onward journey, I passed this at noon when there was not much of Private traffic but during return, it was a Friday evening and I could notice many cars joining the ORR from various entry points connecting to the IT Hubs (Financial District, Gachibowli etc). Each of the drivers knew what it meant to cross the limit of 100 and hence none of them even dared to cross this.



I can easily recollect an MH Registered Force 1 SUV and another MH registered Swift that overtook me at quite good speeds during onward journey.


However, both of these looked like passing by cars as I could notice the luggage loaded to brim and may be they were not aware of the fact that how stringently the speed limit has been implemented here.


During my return, an Innova Taxi joined me at Medchal and was always seen either beside me around me all the way till he took the Airport Exit while I exited for Bangalore. 


Without physical presence, with systematic policing via speed cameras and a portal where you check for over-speeding and pay fines which are indeed on the higher side depending on the speeds that you – All it took for Hyderabad Traffic Police to win the game without much ado! Kudos to you and this is the post to appreciate your implementation first and the fear of law from the car drivers later!


Goes to show how effective implementation can really bring down the accident rates and make people follow rules; The need of the hour for the entire country.


With everyone driving under limits, the fear of getting involved in an incident was near zero.

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