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Mumbai to Kolkata(hooghly) by car - SWIFT VXI-COVID times

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Hello Team members,


Hope to get the answer I am looking for. It has been few months since train facilities were cancelled. I had hoped that they would resume soon, but cant see it happen in next few months also. My parents stay in a small nearby town near Kolkata, I had hoped to reach to them during covid times. My inlaws are staying with me luckily , they had come to our place before covid times. During such time, any person would want to be safe and secure in one place. So I am hoping to drive the Mumbai-Kolkata stretch. Reason of not taking a flight is because of my son(he is a six year old labrador) and I basically take him everywhere. Obviously I cant leave him, I tried to enquire on flight facilities for dog. But Air India didnt give me much information on that, on top of that I found out dogs actually die during such transit(if pilots donot maintain right pressure in luggage area). Second option would be Train, but unfortunately that wouldnt be available for next few months. So I am left with driving, it would be difficult drive since including my dog we would be 5 members in a swift-vxi car. Me and wife have driven many such long distance(both can drive), for example we came from Delhi to Mumbai by road, because of our dog. 


But during normal times, we would have easily charted out an itinerary but these are not normal times. Driving from Mumbai to Kolkata itself is a long route, on top of that we have covid related issue and then we also have a dog. So if possible can the team members chart out a plan for us to drive through. I am willing to take three pit stop on the way and willing to take Via Hyderabad route, because I am not so positive on Nagpur-Sambalpur road.


We would require help on pitstops, restaurants, restroom, hotels and stay. If anyone can help please do help us.


**Most importantly I need information on pass**

I got some information from here, but not sure if this is the write infor.




1st day - Mumbai to Hyderabad

2nd day - Hyderabad to Vishakapatnam

3rd day - Vizag to Puri

4th day - Puri to Hooghly

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7 hours ago, BarunB said:

**Most importantly I need information on pass**


Pass from Kolkata(WB) is good enough, you can show that pass in other states. 


7 hours ago, BarunB said:

1st day - Mumbai to Hyderabad

2nd day - Hyderabad to Vishakapatnam

3rd day - Vizag to Puri

4th day - Puri to Hooghly


I have done this route numerous times, this is best plan. 


Mumbai to Hyderabad roads are excellent, except for two kilometers stretch which is still under construction.

You can find plenty of pitstops on this section. 

Hyderabad to Vijaywada roads are excellent as well, with many decent pitstops.
Vijaywada to Vizag stretch is poor, even thought it is 4-lane, there are few potholes and few sections are under construction. 


Vizag to Puri has some road construction activity, facilities are limited

Puri to Kolkata is good.

Any particular reason for going via Puri? You can halt at Bhubaneshwar. 

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Hey thank you for the answer, I really dont know the way. Hence asking in this forum ?. If you say Bhubaneswar I will take that way, any route which is faster. Since I am going with my family, I really cant risk driving at night. Any help with time to start and where to stop would really help. If you know any good stay in these places it would also help. I am going with a dog, so have to call them and beg them to let me stay with him in their rooms. All the dog related consultants have closed shops during these times, so no help from their side. 


Wherever I stop, hoping to stop at a clean place, keeping the times which we are living.

Idea is to drive to Kolkata with minimal pit stop and as fast as we can, but ofcourse don't want worn ourselves at same time. Hence taking 3 night stay

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Dear All, planning to go to kolkata from Mumbai by road. This will be our first road trip. I would require your guidance on the route. Also would like to know the availability of toilets as I will be traveling with my family and suggestions on Hotels to stay. I am planning to leave on 11th OCT. Your suggestions / guidance is required...

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15 minutes ago, Arka said:

Is ePass still required? From Maharashtra it's showing no pass is required. Do I need to take pass to enter in West Bengal?

Not a compulsion but it is always advises to carry an epass  for a safer side. It’s not that tough to get an e-pass and you can get it by just a click. Recommended to carry them

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      Hello everyone,

      We [2 brothers, only 1 knows driving] are planning for a road trip from Hyderabad to Kolkata in the coming weekends. Hyundai i20 Sports.

      This would our first long road trip crossing 2 complete states. We are a bit concerned about the road conditions, how safe & secure the entire stretch of road is, any points of concern, or to be noted?

      We plan to go in 4-hour drive <> 1-hour rest and halt at nights at safe & secure places. Considering COVID19, we plan to rest in the vehicle.

      We would be packing light food & snacks & water for the entire trip.

      Requesting this humble community to advice on
      1. Where would we reach with our 4:1 hour drive plan
      2. Any safe & secure place to halt the night around that location
      3. Any additional points of advice/caution
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