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Hyderabad to Lucknow by Road during COVID times

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Hi, im planning for a road trip from Hyderabad to Lucknow, with family ( 2 small kids), with a  halt in Nagpur. pls suggest the best route post nagpur, and a good place for another night halt, during covid times. travelling by XUV500


planning to stay in Le Meridian in Nagpur, for night stay.

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On 7/28/2020 at 6:57 PM, Richin said:

Hi, im planning for a road trip from Hyderabad to Lucknow, with family ( 2 small kids), with a  halt in Nagpur. pls suggest the best route post nagpur, and a good place for another night halt, during covid times. travelling by XUV500


planning to stay in Le Meridian in Nagpur, for night stay.

Hi Richin,


Did you take any other halt after Nagpur. It's still a 17 hour drive from Nagpur to Lko. Any good hotels in the way. Thanks


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Recent update from on our memeber:

I travelled the Hyderabad to Lucknow route today in 2N3D.

NH44 is closed for Seoni-Pench so While Returning one would have to take Chhindwara route from Narsinghpur.

Other option is Gwalior-Guna-Bhopal-Itarsi-Betul-Nagpur route but you would need to validate NH(46?) condition in Hoshangabad area considering recent floods.

I would assume that it would be better than Chhindwara road.

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Guest Shiksha

Hi, thank you for the info. I would also like the trip from Hyderabad to Lucknow. The first stop could be Nagpur. Can anyone share more details about how to travel from Nagpur to Lko?

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Guest Surabhi


Any one travelled Hyderabad to Prayagraj (Allahabad) recently.

If yes please share info about route and your experience.



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On 4/4/2021 at 6:51 PM, Guest Surabhi said:

Any one travelled Hyderabad to Prayagraj (Allahabad) recently.

If yes please share info about route and your experience.


I know I am replying late to your query, but it might be helpful for others who are willing to drive to Prayagraj.

I did Hyderabad - Pratapgarh trip on 15th May 2021 and returned back on 29th May 2021.


I took the below route:

Hyderabad - Adilabad - Nagpur - Jabalpur - Katni - Rewa - Prayagraj - Pratapgarh


Roads are in pretty good condition and the complete stretch is 4 lane ( except at Katni and Rewa Bypass). Katni and Rewa bypass is a 2-Lane road but its in good condition. Katni Bypass 4-laning is under construction, but there are no issues with the existing road and is in good condition ( no potholes or diversions)

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      I'm planning a trip from Hyderabad to Leh Ladakh on road in KTM 390
      I'm planning to go in May,2021.
      Tell me the best route available on road and a road my Bike can handle.
      And travelling in may is good idea?(Being a student that is the onlytime I get to travel)
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    • By mit1682
      After unlock 4.0 we started exploring options for travel, which should be short one and safe.
      Got info about Kondapochamma reservoir and decided to explore it.
      Initial plan was to catch sunrise. But home's chief minister and leader of opposition (my son, they rules the house) objected this.
      So started around 8 in the morning from Miyapur.
      Kondapochamma entry:
      It has two entries, main entry and secondary entry.
      Some times main entry is closed, no need to disappoint. There is one more entry from the back side.
      Drive a little further ahead you can find another entry, but the road is patchy.  
      Kondapocharamma First Entry point location details(High crowd) :  https://goo.gl/maps/N1e4tAC9bmYTB4fu8 Kondapocharamma Second Entry point location details (Medium crowd): https://goo.gl/maps/Ca3L4CuGkEc95s8E7 Kondapocharamma Third Entry point location details (Less crowd😞https://goo.gl/maps/AaRAWCpYnqos3Avg8  
      Road condition from Hyderabad to Kondapochamma:
      Roads are excellent till reservoir ( just 2 to 3 km of bad road near to it). Distance is around 65 km.
      Time spent at Kondapochamma:
      It is good location for relaxation and photography. We spend around 2 hours there, took breakfast and return back by 2PM in afternoon.
      Best time to visit Kondapochamma:
      Note: Best time to explore is early morning or late evening.
      Food availability at Kondapochamma:
      Carry own food and water, you will find nothing around it.
      Avoid Kondapochamma on weekends:
      Avoid Kondapochamma during weekends, it is usually overcrowded.
      If you plan on weekend, start early in the morning from Hyderabad. 
      Crowd picks up post 10AM.
      Some of the important facts about Kondapochamma sagar reservoir:
      It is part of multi-stage lift Irrigation of Kaleshwaram Plan is to make Godavari river live through out the year over a streach of 274 kilometers to make farming efficient. It is around 15 kilometers in area Costed around 1700 crores, water is spread around 17 sqkms Maximum depth is around 600M Provides irrigation to around 2,85,000 acres through canals  
      Mandatory selfie with the steed









    • By mit1682
      #One Baleno#6 Souls#One destination#tones of memories#Bucket list tick#Gandikota Belum caves
      Trip planning started 6 months before and it kept on changing. Finally accommodation booked and trip scheduled on 24.Jan.2020.

      Thanks to Ksk (Sathish) and Dishari for continuous guidance on route and stay.
      Car: Baleno ZETA CVT
      Members: 4 Adults and 2 kids
      Places visited: Gandikota & Belum caves. One can visit places like Owk reservoir, Yaganti temple, Orvakal
                     rock garden based on time availability.
      Route taken: Hyd-Kurnool-Nandyal-Gandikota-Belum caves-Banaganapali-Betamcherla-Kurnool-Hyd
      Road conditions:
                  - Hyd-Kurnool-Nandyal: Roads are good
                  -   Nandyal-Gandikota: Roads are good. 50 km before Gandikota roads are average to bad and
                     passes through villages.
      -  Gandikota-Belum caves-Banaganapali-Betamcherla-Kurnool : Roads are average and passes
      through villages. Once you touch NH40 then roads are good.
      - Kurnool-Hyd: Roads are good.
      - Route map provided for ref.

      Distance traveled: ~ 800 KM
      Toll charges (Fastag): Rs. 650
      Petrol expanse: Rs. 3700
      Trip was awesome, except Aarav (my son) fall sick on day of trip with viral fever. But throughout trip he supported us with his smile. The complete success of trip goes to him.

      At Gandikota you need to wear good shoes to walk on rocks along with comfortable cloths.
      Avoid it during summer & heavy rains.
      People with breathing and BP related issues should avoid Belum caves.
      Stay option at Gandikota:
      Option 1: Non AC tents
      Cost is Rs. 1000 per person with food on twin sharing basis.
      The only problem is during rainy season this will not be good. Also for common washroom, you need to travel 500 m.
      Option 2: AC tents
      Very costly around Rs. 3000 per person with food on twin sharing basis. Sometime even they charge Rs 3500. Tents without food charges will be Rs. 3000 on twin sharing basis.
      Need online booking via freakout.
      Washroom is attached to tent.
      Opion 3: AC rooms at Hariths resorts
      We found this good and reasonable. Per room cost is Rs 1600 from Mon-Wed and on Thur-Sun it will be Rs. 2000 (taxes extra).
      Rooms are good and 500 m away from site.
      Rooms being limited we need to book online via AP tourism website.
      Food options at Gandikota
      Only food option is Haritha resort (if you have not booked tents). We found food is average and can be manageable. We have carried electric cooker and prepared food by our self.
      Food options at Belum caves
      There is a small hotel available near to booking window. They serve cold drink, water and snacks.  We found food is average and can be manageable.
        You can enjoy this trips in 2 days. I advise you to make it on weekdays as there will be less rush. For us it took 3 days as we are travelling with kids and we don’t want to drive in night and early mornings.
      Disclaimer: Not all of the photos are taken by me. Few are from my friends mobile.
      Photographic device:
      Poco f1
      Oneplus 7T
      Canon 1300D
      Xiomi note 6 pro
      Beauty of place you can derived from photos.

    • By nayangaurav
      Planning for a road trip from guwahati assam to deoghar jharkhand via road by my car ertiga , can anyone help me with the best route options and how is the road condition ? , Is it safe to travel with family via road ?
      Kindly help
    • By Musafir
      We recently had a trip from Hyderabad to Bidar. Me with my wife and two other friends started at morning 6  o'clock and returned to Hyderabad by 6:45 pm. 
      Trip Details:
      Date: 29 June 2019
      Places Visited: Bidar Fort, Rangeen Mahal, Guru Nanak Jhira Sahib
      Route: Madhapur - Chanda Nagar - Zaheerabad - Bidar Fort
      Distance Covered: 266.4 km
      There was plan to visit Bidar along with Gulberga but we canceled Gulberga as we wanted to have a one day trip without hassle. Its just start of monsoon so weather was cool and while returning it rained little. So overall it was a nice trip. Attaching few pictures taken.
      Inner Ring Road, Bidar







      Bidar Fort and Rangeen Mahal










      Gurudwara Nanak Jhira
      Bahamani Tombs

      Hazrath Multani Baba Dargah

      Breakfast: At Hyderabad Delight Restaurant. They have all south indian items like idli, dosa, puri. Food was tasty and good. Irani tea was awesome. Car parking is available. 
      Lunch: At Royal Anmol Deluxe Family Restaurant. We had Dum Biryani and Chicken Drumstick. Good ambiance and food quantity but taste was average. There is a small car parking but you have to park on road side if you are travelling on weekends.
      For info about upcoming trips follow us.
      instagram: musafir_ds
      Hope you have liked our topic.
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