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Hyderabad to Vizag route query

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Hi All,


I am planning to travel from Hyderabad to Kolkata via Vizag... now Google is showing me 2 routes below routes for the first leg of my journey:


  • Hyderabad - Vijaywada - Rajahmundry - Vizag (621 KM)
  • Hyderabad - Khammam - Maredummili - Annavaram - Vizag (654 KM)


Kindly suggest the better route, actually I have heard Maredummili to be a very nice place and wanted to have a view however would like to know your insights as well.


I shall be travelling on 21-Dec starting 3 AM from Hyderabad.


Thanks in Advance... 

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12 hours ago, Santa86 said:

Hyderabad - Vijaywada - Rajahmundry - Vizag (621 KM)


This is the best route avoid Khammam route, it is not worth it. 

Hyderabad to Vizag (Vishakaptnam) road trip plan:

  1. Start at early in the morning around 4AM
  2. You will come across fog in winter, visibility will be very poor ( around Suryapet)
  3. Plan your breakfast stopover at Suryapet, 7 food court will be ideal stopover. Quality food and neat washrooms
  4. Take Vijayawayada bypass, follow the Google maps also keep an eye on sign boards, it will take around hour to cross the city.
  5. Once you cross Vijayawada, food options are limited and road condition will start deteriorate, keep an eye on potholes. In my experience left lane is smoother compared to right lane. People tend to drive closer to the divider in order to avoid potholes, which can be dangerous. Stick to left lane.
  6.  Plan your lunch stopover at Garuda food court, it is after crossing Eluru
  7. Another option is One food court Annavaram
  8. Two Coffee day options are available after crossing Rajahmundry for bio/coffee breaks
  9. Fuel up at Vijayawada or you can use Reliance fuel pumps for quality fuel
  10. Book you accommodation in advance (Vizag). 


Road condition : Completely 4-lane toll road

Hyderabad to Vijayawada: One of the smoothest road in the country

Vijaywada to Vizag : Few potholes and lots of village traffic, combined patch road work at few places 


Hotels between Hyderabad to Vizag/Vishakapatnam:


7 food court, Suryapet (breakfast)



Garuda Food court, after Eluru (Lunch)


One food courts, Annavaram (Coffee/tea break) 

Drive safe and do update us when you are done with the trip.

Check this link, can be helpful. 

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i used to travel very frequently on the above said road. And here are my 2 cents in addition to what @Ranger has shared.


Hyderabad - Khammam route will be a very bad option , yes , the Maredupalli drive will be really beautiful , but i suggest you do it as a separate trip. 

Suggest you to take Hyderabad - Vijayawada Highway, and as mentioned above it will be a really smooth drive. 


Vijayawada Bypass is kind of tricky , so i suggest you to follow google maps at every turn , until you come back to NH - 16. Between Vijayawada and Eluru Bypass , the road conditions have improved. I have recently driven in August , and they were laying roads then.  


After Eluru , you will have three options to reach Rajahmundry:

  • Via Nallajerla - will take you across the 4th bridge on Rajahmundry. This will directly take you to the other end of Rajahmundry, saving a lot of Kms. Cons for this rout is that , its a very high traffic route as all the lorries and heavy vehicles prefer this route , the roads will be bad , due to heavy usage and its a single road , with white lines as dividers. Also there are a lot of rock quarries on this route.
  • Via Nidadavolu - I usually prefer this route. Even tough a single route , The roads are of decent to ok condition and very scenic , with Green fields all around you. This will take you to NH-16 in Rajahmundry. ( Suggest to follow Google maps )
  • Via NH-16 - Its long, the routes are ok to bad. But the road is 4 road with proper divider. This is the longest of the three routes. Also this section of the highway goes through Tanuku and Ravulapalem, and not around them.

If you are hungry by the time you reach Rajahmundry , There are no good restaurants on Highway. Buy at the junction right after crossing Walmart's Best price, take a left , and within 1.5 kms there is a good restaurant called Southern Spice. you can check that out. (Other than the food options suggested above) . 



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I travelled from hyd to Vizag to hyd in the last 2 days by separate private sleeper  bus for our group.


I checked with driver and the route preferred is Hyd - vijAyawada - Tanuku - Ravulapalem - rajamundry - anakapally - Vizag and same route back. He is said any other route is very bad and takes more time.

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      But decided to give a try by myself. Searched on net and found below link, 

      Once you will click it, it will redirect to other link shown as below

      click on Hypothecation/ Hire Purchase/ Lease Termination
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      Once you will type above details, in next window you will get your full details. I was not sure whose number to be typed at financer mobile number i typed mine alternate number and it worked 😆. Once click you will be directed to slot booking window (image only for ref)

      Click on available slot. Once that is done you will be asked to pay charges. (image just for ref) fees is around 635. Take print out of it (important)

      Once all done take below document to respective RTA. Below documents required
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      2. Printout of slot booking form
      3. Form 35, 2 nos (original)
      4. NOC from bank (original)
      5. Valid insurance (Xerox)
      6. Aadhar (Xerox)
      7. One small polythene pouch to keep original RC in it. At RTA they are charging Rs 5. And for printout it is Rs 10
      also keep below doc in case they want (not asked to me)
      1. PUC Xerox
      2. PAN card Xerox
      3. Residence proof
      In my case it was RTA Rangareddy. Mine slot booking was on 12 Feb 2021 01:40 to 01:50
      Reached there around 12. Agents started chasing me. But i decided not to pay attention. Went to window No 4. Waited for 10 min.
      Officer took my documents checked for 30 seconds and issued me slip. Asked me to go to window 6 for photo.
      Went to window 6 waited for 10 min. officer took my slip, done some typing on screen took my photo and signature. And told me that RC will be received via post.
      Everything done in 30 min of time, no agent. 
      Mine application is approved on same day. Now waiting for RC😏

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