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  1. New Update: Weeklong lockdown in the state's Nagpur district from 15 to 21 March Dated: 11-March The Maharashtra government on Thursday decided to impose a weeklong lockdown in the state's Nagpur district from 15 to 21 March owing to the spike in novel coronavirus cases. However, essential services such as vegetable and fruit shops and milk booths will stay open The news article did not mention about the travel restrictions, if our destination city is not Nagpur and we just want to cross it by road https://www.livemint.com/news/india/maharashtra-lockdown-live-upda
  2. Hi all, I wanted to create the list of states re-imposing e-pass requirements to travel, including by road. Here's what I found. Please add to the list and also once it is lifted, please update the thread. I hope it will be helpful Tamil Nadu Dated 9-Mar-2021 All passengers coming by road and by flight to Tamil Nadu need an e-pass, the state government has decided, in a slew of new rules for domestic and international passengers coming to the state. All passengers from states, except Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Puducherry, need an e-pass to enter the sta
  3. HI Mayank, If you want to stay within Hampi, here is the list in the order of preference: Clarks Inn (price range around 2 K) Kishkinda Heritage resort (2-3 K) Hampi Boulder resort (6 K) I did not evaluate other expensive options but they are good (Evolve Back and WelcomeHeritage Shivavilas) I chose to stay in Hospet (7 Km from the Gateway of Hampi and 9 Km from Kamalpura lake), for better value for money, including drinks and food. Within Hampi region drinks are not allowed, if any Hotels in Hampi are serving it, they are charging extra. Moreover, I wante
  4. Hello TriFodians, I completed Hampi / Hospet road trip during the weekend of 20th Feb, 2021. Here are few updates hopefully will help you plan your future trips: Evaluated following routes: 1. Mahbubnagar>>Raichur >> Gangavathi >>> Hampi >> Hospet) : 380 Km I got inconsistent feedback on roads between mahbubnagar and Raichur 2. Beechupalli >> Gadwal >> Raichur>> Gangavathi >>Hampi >> Hospet): 403 Km I drove on this road in 2017, and I was impressed with the road condition 3. Kurnool >>
  5. I dropped the idea of visiting Kothapatnam beach, instead I went to Hampi. Will consider it for my next trip. I will share my experience under Hyderabad-Hampi section, soon
  6. Hi all, I completed my road trip to Hampi this weekend. Here are few observations related to tolls: Cash payment is still on-going (Raikal and Shakhapur Tolls on Bengaluru highway); don't know if they were really charging double or not. Gangavathi-Sindhanur tollways were Cash only, at both places 1) Sindhanur-Gangavathi road, and 2) Jabbalguda-Gangavathi road. I used Hospet -NH50-Gangavathi route during return trip. Looks like state highways are yet to implement FasTag. Buses and trucks are still entering into LCV/Car/Jeep Lane; however, movement was fast. I got an
  7. Finally, this decision will be implemented. However, we need 1 more rule, as Trucks and Buses (heavy vehicles) should not enter the Car lane. I am also interested in knowing the mechanisms we have in situation where the vehicle has fasTag but not enough balance or zero balance; they ultimately pay in Cash or start re-charging the Tag and delay the movement of vehicles behind. Although, this generally happens with Trucks, and they very well enter the car lane to block the flow of traffic.
  8. Hello TriFOD members, I am planning to travel with family to Kothapatnam beach. I was not sure if it is worth visiting over weekend and also the best route I should take I hope you might have some idea about this place. I could not find any information on TriFOD
  9. I agree, Gowtham. I have added a video of my conversation with police on the Facebook post, here I cant add video. It is quite fun
  10. You were lucky, I would say, because I was charged Rs 500/- per person by Nagpur Police for not wearing mask in my car. But Police looked genuine to me, as they immediately gave me Receipt and they were doing this for everybody, irrespective of number plate. I also encountered Bribe Seeking Traffic police at the outskirts of Nagpur on the way to Bhopal. But I refused to pay, as they were not Sub-inspector level Moreover I realized they are not authorized to give challan, they were trying to negotiate the challan fee with out receipt. My learning recently was that only SI
  11. Turbo charged engines are definitely very punchy, and leave an exhilarated smile on face; quite enjoyable, I would say. Recently, I attempted to find some news, or user experiences on the longevity of the turbo engines. Here are few things/concerns I would like to share and seek advice. Turbo charger makes engines hotter and suffer high pressure: Although, oil is used to cool the engine, but it still gets very hot, and it raises question if this cooling system is enough while engine is running on high speed. So, this working model may require high level of maintenance, and this
  12. I have tried almost all the Biryani outlets in town, my top favorites are: 1. Pista House (consistent taste at all the outlets, value for money) 2. Shah Ghouse (Unique and consistent taste and quantity of food- full value for money 3. Shadab (Unique and consistent taste) By unique taste, i mean, I can tell the brand even if I eat with Blind eyes. 4. ITC Kakatiya (Begumpet) and ITC Kohenur (Hitec City): Bit costly but wonderful taste 5. Paradise (I am observing degradation in quality over 10 years- my personal view, please no offence to Paradise Fans) Disc
  13. Turbo charged engines have slowly started gaining interest in India, rightly so, as they generate power and are fuel efficient. Turbo engines utilize the waste exhaust gases to generate more power, even out of a smaller engine. However, do we know other side of the coin; any potential issues or any longevity concerns of engine in real life? Please share your experiences. Is it worth shedding additional money on, in long term?
  14. In summary, such a costly Car is not a value for money. Thanks for sharing the info. Indian market is still growing, and we are becoming more informed. Soon, safety would be an important parameter in choosing a car rather than just unnecessary features like Sunroof, etc.
  15. Great to know that your first road trip was exciting. Thanks for sharing info regarding the speed limits. Now, with growing number of road trippers from Bhopal living in Hyderabad, we can open Bhopal Chapter of Trifod 🙂🙂
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