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  1. Turbo charged engines have slowly started gaining interest in India, rightly so, as they generate power and are fuel efficient. Turbo engines utilize the waste exhaust gases to generate more power, even out of a smaller engine. However, do we know other side of the coin; any potential issues or any longevity concerns of engine in real life? Please share your experiences. Is it worth shedding additional money on, in long term?
  2. In summary, such a costly Car is not a value for money. Thanks for sharing the info. Indian market is still growing, and we are becoming more informed. Soon, safety would be an important parameter in choosing a car rather than just unnecessary features like Sunroof, etc.
  3. Great to know that your first road trip was exciting. Thanks for sharing info regarding the speed limits. Now, with growing number of road trippers from Bhopal living in Hyderabad, we can open Bhopal Chapter of Trifod 🙂🙂
  4. Here is my list I have accumulated over 2 years on this route. I last travelled 8 months before (Feb-Mar 2020). I have arranged the list by the driving side and the order they come while driving towards a place, so that we don't have to cross the divider; however, you can cross if u-turn is near-by. Hyderabad >> to >> Solapur Solapur >>> to >> Hyderabad In this stretch the restaurants are mostly Dhaba style T65 HIGHWAY FAMILY RESTAURANT Zaheerabad https://goo
  5. Interesting read, thanks for initiating this thread. In Hyderabad, I have been driving for >8 years now, and I got only 1 Challan, but it was really interesting. Cyberabad traffic police sent me eChallan for dangerous driving on Ikea Flyover. The speed mentioned in my echallan is 46 kmph. Technically, they are right, but I was really surprised. The picture posted by them is at the end of the flyover; down the slope. Unlucky me ! Do you guys know, how to challenge any eChallans? I am not going to challenge this Ikea flyover eChallan, but just for information.
  6. Hi Sunil, You can find the Breakdown services most-likely at petrol pumps or the intervening towns. I always have that fear in my mind, as well; being fearful is good for the safety by the way. So, I plan my long-drives well ahead and before every trip I get my Car undergo Maintenance Check or full service. That allays the basic risk of breakdown. But do remember, we can only reduce the risk on long drives. There will always be certain amount of risk, which we have to live with. Other minor things which I believe is essential are: a Tire Inflator, a puncture kit (or at least the plier to
  7. Hi all, I completed my journey safely and reached Bhopal on 2nd Oct. It was my first road trip on this route. Here is the loose details fresh out of my mind. I hope it will benefit fellow road trippers leaving for Bhopal soon. I will share more details with Pics and Gifs, soon. I have recorded my full journey in video. Hyderabad to Nagpur: Travel time: Total duration around 6:30 hours; started at 4:00 AM from Miyapur, and entered Nagpur (Airport Metro Station) at 10:30 AM Breaks: 2 breaks of 15 mins each (1 for breakfast and 1 Fuel/Bio break). I took food from ho
  8. HI Gowtham, I don't think RTA M-wallet is valid everywhere. I have experienced the situation twice (while entering Hubballi and Pune), where Police Officers clearly said that Telangana specific portal is not valid there. Luckily, I had physical documents as well. With regards to the recent announcement by Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, the digital copies shall be valid from Oct 1st, 2020, but please note that this guidelines also says we need to keep documents either in Digilocker or mParivahan "Drivers can maintain their vehicular documents on Central govt's
  9. E-pass is not required for entering Maharastra and Madhya Pradesh. As I checked https://covid19.mhpolice.in/; it clearly says " Travel e-pass is no longer required for traveling" so not accepting any request for e-pass. However, MP e-pass website https://mapit.gov.in/covid-19/ApplyePass.aspx, is still accepting e-pass request. So I have registered myself. Regarding the Covid19 negative certificate, it's true it will prevent possible trouble or harassment by bribe mongering officials 🙂 As I know the states which still require e-pass, they also require covid -ve certificate like
  10. HI Dhruv HI Dhruv, Based on your experience, I will also take Amboli ghat section for my next Goa trip. Thanks for sharing. Regarding, Solapur to Kohlapur, 25% part will be Pune-Bengaluru highway (from Karad) so no problems; however, I am doubtful about Solapur-Karad part; also if you go via Sangili-Miraj. So take your decision wisely. Happy Driving. Do share your experience of whichever route you take.
  11. HI Harshal, If you are starting 3:00 or 3:30 am, you should be able to reach Bhopal before 7:00 or 8:00 pm for sure. The road after Betul toll road ends will bother you, so soon after you reach Betul Toll plaza (before entering the town), take some rest to keep your alertness level high. Since you are driving for the first time on a long trip, here are my 2-cents, hopefully would be helpful: take short but frequent breaks, power naps for 15 minutes would be very helpful, plus keep drinking water, Tea or coffee to prevent dehydration. Yes, that's true, even if you are in AC, driving
  12. HI Dhruv, I will just add my experience over the nice details already shared by Sagar in the above post. Solapur-Nipani route condition has been very inconsistent, and you can avoid that for sure (disclaimer: I last drove on this route 2-years ago; Solapur-Kolhapur-Nipani-Belagavi). However, if you want to enter Goa (especially North Goa) via Gandhinglaj - Amboli Ghat, then you might think of Solapur-NIpani -Amboli ghat, after assessing the current road conditions. I have not driven on Amboli ghat, but have read good reviews I went to Goa in Feb 2020, so I agree with suggestio
  13. HI Sridhar, In other Forum, Gowtham shared, "Divya Resorts and restaurants" as one of the good options. So you can edit your post and add to your list; that way final list will always be on top, for easy access to Members. Lets build more, as all the above 3 options are within first 100-130 km (approximately) from Hyderabad. I request Trifod Members to provide more options. I would be travelling to Nagpur by end of Sep 2020, will try to identify few more.
  14. Hi all, I found following information for 2 states: Maharashtra: The Maharashtra Police e-pass webportal (https://covid19.mhpolice.in/) home page says ..."As per the State Government Desicion Travel e-pass is no longer required for travelling" I hope other states is also following same guidance, under Unlock 4.0, which started Sep 1, 2020. Madhya Pradesh: E-pass portal is still open for e-pass applications (https://mapit.gov.in/covid-19/applyepass.aspx?q=apply). So, may be they still require; however, they are not asking for Medical Certificate, may be they never asked. 🙂
  15. Thanks Gowtham for sharing your views, and especially the pitstop recommendations. I have added them to my places of interest in Maps. Regards, Kshitiz
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