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  1. RSVP: Confirmed List: 1. Sagar +1 2. Ranger +1 3. Srikanth + 1 4. Ashwin 5. Rahul + 3 6. Sainath +1 7. Omkar +1 Tentative:1. Saran + 1 (tentative)
  2. Day - 04: Giving an end towards experiencing the best of the monsoon in the Sahayadris, we started off the next morning towards Hyderabad. Notice the change in the climate We had stopped by 'Shree Veg' restaurant on the highway after exiting the Pune city for breakfast and at the Lumbini's grand restaurant at Kalaburagi for Lunch. Being thirsty towards exploring more, we decided to explore the land of windmills around Parigi as we got closer to Hyderabad. And finally, this crazy monsoon drive has reached to an end "SO
  3. Day - 03 We started our day late around 9 a.m. the next day. It was 'Vinayaka Chaturthi'. Felt lucky to have spotted this huge Ganesh statue on our way and I have done my prayers in a means time. After a sumptuous breakfast at the 'Vithal Kamat' food court on the Mumbai-Pune expressway, we bifurcated from towards the Mulshi road to reach the foot of the Tikona fort. We had stopped by for a small picture on our way when the road got a little wider. The drive continued through the lush green fields and the deserted narrow
  4. Day - 02: Our first destination for the day was to be there at the Kundalika water rafting point by 9 a.m. which was distanced about 100 kms in Mulshi and so we started from our night stay around 5 30 a.m. As we moved towards the ghat away from the Pune urban zone, our excitement towards experiencing the monsoon in this part of India started to seep in and the weather started to change as moved ahead. A view of the Mulshi lake enroute. All the place along the road was completely filled with dense fog as it started to pour in heavi
  5. Day - 01: All the members attending the drive have gathered at the start point by 4:00 a.m. and the drive commenced by 4:15 a.m. Around 6 30 a.m. we took a short tea break to stretch ourselves and breathe in some fresh air. We headed towards Kalaburagi after the Tea break for our breakfast The road towards Karaburagi is a 2 lane road in pretty good condition with no potholes. We passed across various sunflower fields en-route Kalaburagi which was a treat to eyes as they faced the sun during its rise.
  6. Hyderabad to Mulshi ghat, Tamhini ghat & Pawna lake; Maharashtra - Monsoon drive meet up - August 24th - 27th 17' Start point - Gachibowli (ORR) End point - Pune (Western ghats) Start time - 4:00 a.m. Total Distance - ~580 kms (one way) Objective - A long drive to explore the uncharted territories of the Western ghats and thank the monsoon showers. Participants: 1) Maruthi Suzuki Alto 800 2) Volks Wagen Polo (Red) 3) Volks Wagen Polo (Red) 4) Maruthi Suzuki Baleno 5) Ford Figo Aspire 6) Ford Ecosport 7) Hyundai Creta (Red) 8) Hyundai Creta (White) 9) Renault Duste
  7. Confirmed list: 1. Ranger +1 2. Sagar +1 3. Prabhu + 3 4. Varun + 1 5. Omkar + 1 6. Ashwin+1 7. Saran + 1 8. Sridhar Tandra + 1 9.Vinith +1 10. Bhargav + 1 11. Karthik Pavan+3 12. Sruthi Sagiraju + 2 +1(tentative) 13. Ravi Teja +2 Tentative 1. Krishna+1(Tentative) 2. Sugandhar+1 Updated on the behalf of Danda Ravi teja
  8. 1. Ranger +1 2. Sagar +1 3. Prabhu + 3 4. Varun + 1 5. Omkar + 1
  9. Consider me also 1.Gowtham 2.Varun 3. Omkar
  10. We started to move towards Doddabetta peak which is known as the highest peak in the Southern part of India. Drive towards Doddabetta peak was awesome as we have experienced different types of climatic conditions right from sunny to rainy. This place turned out to be a true commercial spot which seemed very crowded at the top of the hill. As the fog got cleared, this is one beautiful vista of the Nilgiris form the hill top. Last picture of the day at the top of the peak, we had set back to our stay early by 9:00 p.m. as we have go
  11. After we got settled at our stay, we then moved towards exploring Coonoor which is about 25 kms from our stay. Monsoon hitting this place quite early this year added more beauty to our eyes. We stopped by 'The Grange' hotel for lunch on our way to Coonoor. This is one place in Ooty which offered good food along with ample parking space which was observed to be quite rare in a place like Ooty. Proceeding further, we have explored Coonoor and halted at the 'Highfields Tea Factory' which is 50 years old. We have had the opportunity know how the history of the Tea Factory and its
  12. Day - 2 : Continued.. The Bandipur forest reserve welcomed us as we moved up the ghat. The drive through the forest over such neatly laid tracks has been an absolute bliss. Every bit of the drive through this section has been more than worthy while we had experienced the spotting of wildlife in frequent intervals throughout We have spotted a huge herd of deer en-route not just once but many a times throughout this track. Burning the rubber onto the smooth tarmac while clicking some scenic views until we finished t
  13. Day - 1 : Hyderabad to Mysuru All the members attending the drive have assembled at the start point by 4:00 a.m. and the drive kicked-off by 4:15 a.m. after a brief introductory session about the rules and the convoy positions during the drive. Following the respective convoy positions, we raced on to the ORR towards Kurnool to take our stop for breakfast. The usual way of how we regroup at every Toll exit until all the cars line-up to continue the drive further. We had stopped by the Hotel Suraj Grand for breakfast. The food at t
  14. Hyderabad to Ooty, Coonoor & Kotagiri, Tamil Nadu - Pre monsoon drive meet up - June 01 - 04 17' Start point - Gachibowli (ORR) End point - Ooty (Accommodation) Start time - 04:15 a.m. Total Distance - ~1900 kms Objective - A drive meet to Ooty, Coonoor and Bandipur to rejoice the pre-monsoon showers. Participants: 1) Maruthi Suzuki Baleno 2) Volks Wagen Polo (Red) 3) Volks Wagen Polo (Red) 4) Ford Ecosport 5) Hyundai Creta (Red) 6) Hyundai Creta (White) Route Taken: Hyderabad (Gachibowli) -
  15. Confirmed List: 1) Sagar +2 2) Gowtham +1 3) Sruthi + 3 4) Varun + 1 5) Ashwin +1 6) Kashyap+2 7) Raviteja+2 8) Vamshi U K H+1
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