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  1. hi Shiva, Price being quoted is around 4500 to 5000 per sft excluding eminities. Some of the projects in Tellapur have a bad past like someone starting the venture and someone else picking up later (Eg: Aliens space station). So I justed wanted to get some opinion from the people who have already invested in Tellapur.
  2. hi all, Found few ready to move units being sold(resale/investor) in few projects in Tellapur area, especially in NCC Cyber Urbania and Sankalp Homes. Looking forward to receive any feedback wrt buying experience or any relevant info regarding past history of these projects. TIA Regards, Chaitanya.
  3. thanks @Sarojs. Any clarity on if they started bookings for this venture?
  4. My cousin recently invested in a project called Aaditri Empire under prelaunch in Kollur(full cash at 2399, cash+loan at 2999). Bookings are closed now. Promotions for this project were crazy. Almost 40 to 50% ads on internet were referring to this project. I ignored this project considering the location(almost 10kms from wipro signal) and this being the builder's first project in Hyderabad.
  5. Thanks, Mayank. Pricing is extremely good considering similar projects in Tellapur. How is the builder's reputation and any updates on permissions?
  6. Thanks Sagar. Hi Uday, any updates regarding this project from your friend?
  7. Beautiful photos and crisp write-up. Any accommodation options apart from haritha resort in Suryalanka? It is always sold out these days even a month before.
  8. One more memory from last year's Ladakh trip. This was taken enroute Khardungla from Leh.
  9. @Pralay I havent been to Srinagar so not sure about tariffs at that place but you achieved tremendous value for your ladakh trip, considering that the taxi union have increased their prices this year
  10. @sagar This is what I told you about Agam-Shayok Route It was a bit better when we visited in early summer but it seem to have been stuck by a land slide again?
  11. Wow. so mesmerizing. @Pralay Loved your travelogue and the beautiful pictures. I would have suggested you to visit Turtuk village (an hour journey from hunder) which is technically the last village of India. One must visit this place for the greenery(which is rare to find in Ladakh) and authentic Baltistan culture. You can also get rich dry fruits which otherwise are priced higher in Leh markets. Nonetheless, you itinerary was very well designed and executed considering the short time you had. And yes, Rigzin is quite famous and I too agree with you that it is often economical to vis
  12. @Ranger We did this in third week of May this year. Will post a writeup soon. @raman Yes, It was awesome. The lake appears real blue only when is the sky is clear from clouds(which is best from June onwards). We couldnt take nice pictures in the evening since it was cloudy and also raining at some points. So we went for a shoot early in the morning next day and were compensated In my view, many tourists do a mistake of staying at Spangmik which is the starting point of Pangong Lake. We did the entire strech from Spangik-Mann-Merak(60 kms) and I thought views at othe
  13. Wow..its good to know that the Shayok valley route has improved now. Then it is definitely recommended to take this route to Pangong. Btw I have uploaded a pic of Pangong Lake from our trip in the 'most favourite travel pic' forum. Please have a look! Cheers!!
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