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  1. Here is my Travelogue and a few pictures from my Ladakh Region trip
  2. Yup need to on own..... No support staff all and while I was buying the policy no one even bothered either from Policy Bazaar or Bajaj to share any details...
  3. Well as far as I am concerned, I was confident I was procuring a insurance policy and not an additional fitment of a device alongwith it, no where was it mentioned on the portal I used to buy it... I realised that this would be coming my way after the policy got issued and some random team member called me to inform that they will be couriering it
  4. They have quoted that the instrument will communicate with their servers and that will add to penalty if this is removed.... And points will add up
  5. This is a note released by Bajaj Allianz CEO on their intentions of introducing this in India, main intentions are to differentiate between good and bad drivers and reward good drivers. http:// https://www.bajajallianz.com/Corp/content/aboutus/press-release/Press_Release_Bajaj_Allianz_General_Insurance_launches_industry_first.pdf Few basic facts: This new program is called "Drive Smart" and this aims to revolutionize the way insurance policies are taken by not just focussing on the make, model, year and other car details but focu
  6. Recently I have opted for an Insurance policy renewal of my car and have opted for Bajaj Allianz Insurance policy. I have been offered a Telematics device along with the same and will be sharing my experiences of the discussion and the privacy policy etc. and request you all to share your experiences.
  7. This is my schedule 14.08.18 TUESDAY SONMARG 15.08.18 WEDNESDAY KARGIL 16.08.18 THURSDAY LEH 17.08.18 FRIDAY HUNDER 18.08.18 SATURDAY PANGONG 19.08.18 SUNDAY KARZOK 20.08.18 MONDAY KEYLONG 21.08.18 TUESDAY NAGGAR 22.08.18 WEDNESDAY CHANDIGARH Can I include Nubra valley in this schedule
  8. Hyd - Srinagar and Chandigarh- Hyd by flight
  9. Yes by road but from Srinagar - Kargil War Memorial - Leh - Pangong - Keylong - Manali - Chandigarh
  10. I am going in August during Independence Day...
  11. June saw a few colleagues from work go on a Hampta Pass Trek. A lovely trek spread over 5 days with an option of trekking to Chandrataal Lake as well... Starting from Manali.. A few of our memories:
  12. Hello Piyush, this is the best route as the Bellary route is far bad. Just plan to start early and you should be able to cross Sindhanur earlier.
  13. This is my #Travelogue and places to see in #Hampi Hampi Sojourn
  14. Here is my #RoadtripReport from Calicut to Mysuru via Wayanad
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