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  1. Totally depends on the car you drive..
  2. Hi Vikrant, I would suggest you to do this route via Sagar. There are good stay options in this place and the route all throughout is good except for a few patches between Nagpur to Sagar.
  3. Beautifully crafted travelogue @mit1682.. Needless to say how informative your travel stories always are.. Looking forward for more.. Thanks a lot sharing.. Keep it going mate! 😇
  4. That’s a really good point you are aiming at and no doubt you’ve already become a good travel influencer by sharing such really valuable information about each and every place you travel. Nothing can beat that. Make sure you always have a dash cam prefixed in your car and also a gimble to handle record seem less footages while you do treks to reach some view points. You sure are hitting the right spot and we’re all in to support you in reaching your goals. Waiting for your vlogs... Keep sharing and cheers!
  5. Excellent pictures and amazing details @mit1682... You have covered all the necessary details required for a day trip to these places.. There are a few places as such in Kerala too where people cross these water flowing streams by car on a daily basis.. Looks super risky to us though.. You are making full use of this Pandemic time and I am jealous for not being around Pune especially during the monsoon time this year 😅 Cheers buddy.. Looking forward to witness a many more off beat travel destinations in the western ghats region 🙂
  6. Thank you for sharing the waterfalls pictures @Tapahasu.. How far is this place from the reservoir and is it reachable by car?
  7. The road status between, Ramoji film city till the GMR toll road starts is in a bad state.. the roads and good until Vijayawada.. few bad patches between Eluru and Rajahmundry.. The rest of the roads between Rajahmundry and Vishakapatnam are really good .. Any other latest information other than this, Is most welcome..
  8. Wow, That’s a nice good update.. Any more information about this project.. regarding the latest pricing or floor plans.. please share.
  9. Nice pictures @Tapahasu @NareshReddy237 .. I’ve done Chikamagalur almost in every season and trust me you people have done it during the best time.. Please share any pictures of the accommodation as well.. the name sounds interesting and speaks more about its location.. How was the crowd during this Covid season?
  10. This looks like a good gated community close to Adibatla.. I’m not sure about the running price in that area.. Any information on that? And also the possession time??
  11. Thanks a lot for sharing updates on the current road status .. Very helpful information.. Drive safe..
  12. Wow, This is excellent information @Kshitiz.. Thanks a lot for sharing this valuable information.. I’m surprised to see Food Pyramid in the list.. Haven’t noticed this anytime.. Will make sure to mark this during my next travel towards Pune!
  13. Hey @Gourav, Be sure to start from Hyderabad by 4 AM on Day 1 and you can stop at Nagpur for Lunch between 1 to 2 PM .. Road Conditions are not great between Nagpur and Raipur.. You will reach Raipur by 9 PM.. On Day 2 You can start late around 9 AM form Raipur after breakfast via Sambalpur and you will reach Rourkela by 7 PM... Do update us back on the current road status after you finish your trip.. Drive safe!
  14. 3 AM will be a good time to start off.. Do share the details after you are done with the trip... Drive safe! Cheers..
  15. Excellent travelogue @Shekar and beautiful pictures too.. Any stay options in Devarakonda during you night stay there? The irrigation project guest house looks beautiful as well.. I wish it was maintained well.. Places like Vizag colony and Pedhamungal reminded me of our drive meet up a couple of years ago in the back waters of Nagarjunasagar Sagar..
  16. Nice details @YashTheGreat... Another place close to Hyderabad marked on my list.. Thanks for sharing this log. Please share more pictures.. Having witnessed good amount of rains this week, I’m expecting the water levels to rise up this coming weekend..
  17. Hi @Sasikanth, Best route: Hyderabad > Zaheerabad > Humnabad > Gulbarga > Vijayapura > Bagalkot > Belgaum > Dodamarg > Goa Hyderabad to Humnabad: Excellent 4-lane road Humnabad to Gulbarga : Smooth 2-lane road, you can take Gulbarga outer ring road to skip the traffic Gulbarga to Belgaum : Smooth 2-lane road, some of it has a toll Belgaum to Goa: Roads are not so great blame the recentrains, few patches are pathetic. Food: Zaheerabad Gulbarga Belgaum People using Google maps, split your route in
  18. Absolutely.. But as per the current scenario, the online bookings are not yet open to book the Safari.. But, if at all you have any leads who can organise it for you as a large group, they are taking your bookings offline.
  19. That’s pretty much a detailed insight of the latest route to Goa in this stretch.. Any significant food joints you had come across in this stretch?? Thanks a lot for sharing this information rohith.. Cheers.
  20. Any strong reason for backing out @Shekar? Have you looked out at any other projects in the same area?
  21. Hey @Sridhar Tandra, I would recommend you to take an estimate from the Tata service centre for your work to be done and if there isn’t much of a major difference, I would recommend you to go along with TATA. The only reason behind this is that, your car’s color has a metallic mix in its base and I’m skeptic if the 3rd party vendors would be able to match up with the original color.
  22. Orissa dhaba is one good place on that stretch.. If it is not for the washrooms and just food as our priority irrespective of the ambience, This is one place to try out..
  23. Suryapet: 7 Food Court Rajugari Thota Hotel Vivera Vijayawada: Hotel Innotel Kay Hotel Eluru: Garuda Food court Raghavendra restaurant Rajahmundry: 9 Family Restaurant KFC
  24. Suryapet is best suited for a pit stop between Hyderabad and Vijayawada whatever time we start from either of these 2 places. Most importantly, I’d recommend Hotel Vivera, 7 and Raju gari thota for a break because of their good maintenance of washrooms and huge parking space.
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