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  1. Do check out the link above for more information on the restaurants on this stretch..
  2. Sagar Accommodation: Sagar town is located little away from Highway, you need to take a diversion from the highway. Road leading to town is little isolated(during night), no need to panic. 1. Hotel crown palace (best option, recommended for families) https://goo.gl/maps/ntszPcNfdE62 2. Hotel Royal palace (ideal for bachelors and cheap) https://goo.gl/maps/PNhrTfswQJ82 3. Hotel Sagar Saroja spa and resort (ideal for bacherlors, rooms are big and they have a nice swimming pool, hotel is located in the interior areas of Sagar, approach roads are bad) https://goo.gl
  3. Hi @Satyawali, would recommend a route change at this moment. Avoid the Seoni route currently as it has become worse than Hinganghat.. Hyderabad to Adilabad : Excellent toll road(one of the best in the country) Adilabad to Hinganghat : You will come across very bad patches and the worst part is they collect tolls on this stretch. Hinganghat to Nagpur : Road are excellent, you will encounter traffic as you get near to Nagpur. Crossing Nagpur is pain, there is no outer ring road or bypass. Due to metro work there are many bottle necks and diversions. It will ta
  4. Hi Dhruv, Hyderabad to Goa latest road condition update. Splitting the roads into different sections to give clear information. Best route to Goa? It always varies from year to year. Best route: Hyderabad > Zaheerabad > Humnabad > Gulbarga > Vijayapura > Bagalkot > Belgaum > Dodamarg > Goa Hyderabad to Humnabad: Excellent 4-lane road Humnabad to Gulbarga : Smooth 2-lane road, you can take Gulbarga outer ring road to skip the traffic Gulbarga to Belgaum : Smooth 2-lane road, some of it has a toll Belgaum to Goa: Roads are
  5. Adding to the list are Pakhal lake, Somasila project, Chandraghad fort, Bheemunipadam waterfalls
  6. Very good compilation of all the places under 100 kilometers close to Hyderabad.. I think we can also include Manjeera Dam and Reservoir, Edupayala, Medak fort, Osman Sagar into the list..
  7. Tellapur and Kollur are going to be the residential hubs towards the other side of the city in the future with out any doubt. Only factor that may cause delay is this current co vid scenario and if the IT companies are going to continue or adapt to this WFH culture in the future, this will lead to an adverse hit to the real estate business.. It is recommended to wait till December and take a call on the new buys as the prices are predicted to fall by atleast 15 percent
  8. Excellent report @Sridhar Tandra, Loved the details.. This place reminded me of Chaparai water rocks in Araku valley. Marked Bodakaona falls into my list to do. And as @LoneRangersaid, this place surely looks seasonal. Thank you for sharing such a detailed report.
  9. Hi @mayank, Adding up a few details about this venture and their recent price details. I would surely recommend this project as this falls in a very good residential areas and beside the Aparna Tulip which is one of their very reputed projects.
  10. Beautifully drafted post @Gowtham. Thanks a lot for sharing your experience. I’m really hoping to see the EVs evolve well into the Indian market. It sure was a good launch by TATA with Nexon but we’re also hoping to see that same amount of enthusiasm and effort from the Government by encouraging the EV market.
  11. Not a compulsion but it is always advises to carry an epass for a safer side. It’s not that tough to get an e-pass and you can get it by just a click. Recommended to carry them
  12. Im not sure about this but, I have come across an article few months ago that the hive of India has started a campaign towards promoting the EV market and TVS, Hero electric, Ather are a part of this campaign. Also true that private investors should take hold of installing or establishing charging stations on a larger scale through the country to let grow of this market. Also, Thank you so much @Sridhar Tandrafor sharing some amazing information. The ebikes from revolt looks revolutionary.
  13. Excellent post Radhika.. Thank you for compiling such an informative post for the record @Gowtham. Adventure sports is something new that we are getting to see around Gandikota and this place always demanded such activities. This place is best for rock climbing and rappelling.. Would love to see more information about this place. Also, I am scared to imagine this place growing commercial..
  14. Wow, Beautiful pictures and great information @mit1682. Missing the drive to western ghats this monsoon. You’ve introduced us to a new place around Pune. Cheers to that!
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