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  1. Thanks a lot for sharing such a detailed review @Pralay.. This is really helpful..
  2. I just came to know about this. Never know that there existed a direct flight to Belgaum from Hyderabad.. Thank you for sharing the information 😊
  3. Waiting for your post to get your full details about the stay options in South Goa and some pictures as well 😊.. Have a safe drive back. Cheers
  4. @BORNDRIVERGood know about this new place.. This sure has the charm to grow into the next big tourist spot in Orissa.. Thanks a lot for introducing us to a new place.. Waiting to see a post on all the tourist activities and attractions in and around Koratpur.. Thanks much for sharing such valuable information..
  5. Do check out the above link for the latest information on the route to Goa.. Cheers and Happy driving!
  6. Thanks a lot for sharing an update on this stretch.. Any pit stops inbetween?
  7. That’s a great handful of information.. Thanks a lot for sharing.. If it were from Hyderabad.. Itarsi to Bhopal would be expected to finish on the same day itself which involves a lot of risk as you said.. Any other alternative routes to reach Bhopal from Nagpur? Any notifies restaurant to stop by with families enroute this stretch?
  8. The above link could be of great help to you... Please refer to it. Please do update us back on your experience of the road trip when you finish up.. Happy Driving. Cheers!
  9. Hi @RajbharatWhere exactly in Goa is this property sited? Also, what’s the maximum capacity this place could accommodate?
  10. Beautiful pictures @mit1682
  11. Thanks a lot for sharing this @Rajbharat.. What is the expected launch date for this project?
  12. Thanks a lot @Gouravfor sharing your valuable feedback on the road conditions between Hyderabad and Rourkela.. Your post is very informative and helpful for the fellow travellers.. Any signified restaurants in this route to stop by which has got decent washrooms..? Could be helpful when we would be travelling with our families.. ?
  13. It was quite disappointment to see the Kia Seltos score an average three stars in the Global NCAP safety tests. Given its sophisticated feature list, design and European sensibility, I wasnt expecting its shell to be rated unstable.
  14. Excellent post @santosh.. Very well drafted and super informative. Looks like a perfect guide for the members planning to travel between Goa and Hyderabad during this time.. Cheers for sharing..
  15. I haven’t done this earlier.. Please do share your review on this route after you finish up your drive.. Drive safe
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