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  1. Is this Samooha projects venture?
  2. Please share location and price details of this project
  3. Where exactly is this coming up?
  4. Can expect the price to be so much as it’s sighted well in the city limits..
  5. @Sridhar Tandra can give you his advice on his recent visit to the south..
  6. Excellent.. how many hours has the drive taken? Was it a day trip and any pit stops to mention for Food or Washrooms enroute?
  7. Who is the builder of this project ?
  8. Wow, very well written.. Good to know that such spots have opened up where as last year it was all shut. How was the crowd at Kuntala falls? The flow looks pretty decent for a tourist to enjoy the sight. Thank you for sharing the details so precisely.
  9. As per my knowledge, Olympus by Sumadhura in Financial district which is of G+45 is the tallest approved. Just came to know about this 57 floored venture..
  10. I would recommend you to do a Chirala drive if you are planning to stay by the beach. It is the closest beach to Hyderabad. If you could extend a little more, I would recommend Gandikota for you. The camping in that area would give you best views.
  11. Ofcourse we’re all in to help you do the same.. April - May months would be the best time for spotting the tigers.. Note: All the entries gates of the forest for Safari will run sold out during this season. Please be sure to book ur a lot at the earliest when they open up around February or March next year.
  12. Hey @Saurabh84, Vikarabad would be a decent place for an early morning drive. You can also drive down to Bidar fort for the same. If you are looking for a destination for a night stay, Chirala and Gandikota can be considered as well
  13. Any idea about the current running price of this project.. ?
  14. This venture from My home falls pretty close to the railway track.. On the opposite side of their gated community apartments is My Home Ankura which is a gated community Villas. The current quoting price of MyHome Tridasa is between 5,600 to 5,800 per sft. (Registration and Amenities are extra)
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