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  1. You can get in touch with the contact details shared in your DM. Please do update any latest information about this project here
  2. As per the last update they were supposed to receive the approval by this month.. But I’m not sure I’d they have received it or not. They have their office at the site location.. the sales are still going on
  3. Project Name : Sahiti Sudheeka Project Location : Mokila Google pin : https://maps.app.goo.gl/ATL7mAQAZohitrq9A Price details : Project details : Layout details :
  4. I am sharing the latest details received from Aparna Constructions GREETINGS FROM APARNA CONSTRUCTIONS ! ''APARNA SAROVAR ZICON'' Launched At Nallagandla, Kanchi gachibowli. °PROJECT HIGH LIGHTS:- ✓25.57ACRES ✓81%- OPEN SPACE ✓14 TOWERS ✓ G + 26FLOORS ✓OPEN FOR BOOKING BLOCK- I, J, K, L & N 4 BHK - 2765 sft 3 BHK - 1740 , 1825 & 1910 sft 2.5 BHK - 1530sft & 1495sft 2 BHK - 1240 & 1310sft
  5. As per my knowledge, the sales team at the venue are still selling the flats but they’re from the land owners share of flats. Builders share of flat got sold out..
  6. Please refer to the same thread, members who have travelled lately have shared their experiences about their travel
  7. I shall DM you the number of the sales team
  8. Hi Sagar kindly share your contact details.Thank you.

  9. Excellent write up @NareshReddy237.. Thoroughly enjoyed ready your travel story.. Good details and fun pictures.. Thanks much for sharing your experience.. Sure you had an amazing time as your pictures speak..
  10. Not sure about the current state if it’s launched or not but, the villas plan is not at pre launch.. it is shelved currently
  11. Thank you for sharing such a prompt feedback. Will surely help a lot of travelers looking for this information.. Cheers!
  12. Do share your review on the road status of the route taken after you finish up with your trip. Might help the new travelers. Have a safe trip. Cheers.
  13. Hi @koundi, I would recommend you to take the below route, Hyderabad ->Humnabad -> Gulbarga -> Bagalkot -> Hubli -> Gokarna The roads all the way are butter smooth except for the stretch between Bagalkot and Hubli which is a mix of both good and bad tarmac.. Amongst all the options, this would be a better pick.. And in regards to the other route you are looking at, strictly avoid it. The Raichur - Sindhanur stretch might look short but it is pretty much time consuming.. road works in this route has been in progress forever and single lane roads with frequent
  14. The phase 2 of this venture is at pre launch stage right now.. The block in phase 2 is exclusive to 3 BHKs only. Prelaunch price : 7,777 per sft Launch price : 8,000 per sft
  15. Wow, this is one heck of a road trip you have done. Thanks a lot for sharing the details well with the location pins. How well were the places you’ve stayed sanitised during these tough situations? More information on the road conditions of the routes you’ve taken will be more helpful.. Thank you for sharing! Cheers
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