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  1. Yesterday, there is lot of news on pre-launch scams. Anyone faced them recently?
  2. Congratulations man and all the best. Do update here if you get any further information.
  3. Two kilometers from Kollur exit is good location.
  4. Thank you for sharing the helpful information.
  5. Even though it is priced high, we will soon see sold out messages.
  6. Primary things to consider: RERA registration Previously completed projects Project Launch date Excavation started? General rule of thumb is excavation. It is the first step for construction. Are you looking for investment?
  7. So the usable range is close to 300 kilometers per charge?
  8. This is a never ending process. Lockdowns will be part of our life for the next two years. Combination of heard immunity + vaccination should reach 80% population.
  9. Project name : Ramky Golden Circle Builder company/name : Ramky Project Status: Under construction Project price(per sqft) : Project location: Shamshabad Google maps link : https://goo.gl/maps/M3gzpRA5WTBLTdSq5 Project RERA: P02400002201 Possession Timeline: Dec 2023 Project Amenities: All modern amenities Project details:
  10. Spoke to them for one of friend. There is no negotiation on price. They are not budging at all. Anyone booked recently?
  11. They are big builders, did you get any details related to project?
  12. April is not ideal to visit Coorg, it is hot and dry. You wont enjoy your visit. Plan Ooty/Munnar/Kodai
  13. What is the expected launch price? Will it be around 6k?
  14. Not on an issue with car, you can comfortably do it.
  15. This is so helpful. Completed my loan last month. I will try to do it on my own.
  16. Did anyone book recently? Any latest update?
  17. Any idea on expected launch price? it will be 6k+? Area look pretty good.
  18. Project name : Rajapushpa Provincia Builder company/name : Rajapushpa Project Status: Pre-Launch Project price(per sqft) : NA Project location: Narsinghi Google maps link : https://goo.gl/maps/aetJyXSokqRDmJ3i6 Project RERA: NA Possession Timeline: NA Project Amenities: All modern amenities Project details:
  19. Any update on the recent price? Did they launch it? Hope it is facing ORR
  20. It will me mess during early days. There will be numerous truck drivers who will fight to no end to avoid double payment(toll fee). Rules are in right direction. There should be rules for toll operator also?
  21. Project name : EVK Aura Builder company/name : BHUVANTEZA Project price(per sqft) : BOOKING AMOUNT :RS. 200000/- OPTION-1 RS. 2999/- sq ft Including amenities One Time Payment Including Booking Amount (45days total payment ) OPTION-2 RS. 3399/- Sq.ft Including Amenities 50% Payment in 30 Days Remaining 50% Payment Go for Loan or Construction wise Payment. OPTION-3 RS. 3799/- sq.Ft Including Amenities 20% In a month Including Booking Amount Remaining 80% Bank loan Or Pro
  22. Project name : PHOENIX PRE-LAUNCHING OFFER AT KONDAPUR Project price(per sqft) : 4000/- per sft Project location: Kondapur Google maps link : NA Project Status: Prelaunch RERA Registration: NA Project Launch: March/April 2021 Project Timeline: NA Project Amenities: All modern amenities Project details: PHOENIX PRE-LAUNCHING OFFER AT KONDAPUR Project area: 19 Acers Floors : G+20 Handover: 2024 PRICE : 4000/- per sft Unit size:1250,1400,1800sft.
  23. Did you talk to the builder, any information on latest price?
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