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  1. Fantastic pictures as usual. You are definitely a brand ambassador for Poco. Enjoy your drives man.
  2. Excellent post sir. Respect you guys for maintaining such a long relation. You can guys will have so much to discuss on the trip. Keep doing such trips. It can inspire people like me.
  3. Modern cars too complex to repair by people like us. Get your car serviced. Just carry an air pump. Verify your spare tyre health.
  4. Since your car is around 40k, Make sure your tyres and brake pads are in good shape. i20 is a pretty reliable car, no need to worry much. All the best for your drive and drive safe.
  5. Stock headlamps gives peace of mind. I have seen many people using projectors in fog setup. It is a low investment and even If anything goes wrong on them middle of highway. One should be fine.
  6. Roads from Vizag to Vijayawada are not in great shape. Lot of construction activity is going on. Few sections are fine. Even before Vizag you will find some construction activity. Kolkata to Vizag non-stop is going to be hectic, plan well and take good rest before your journey. Hyderabad to Kolkata recent update: https://www.trifod.com/index.php?/topic/1407-hyderabad-to-kolkata-latest-route-update/ Hyderabad to Goa recent update : https://www.trifod.com/index.php?/topic/1047-hyderabad-to-goa-current-best-route/
  7. Great pictures. Been to this place couple of time, it is a decent getaway. But visit only during monsoon. Usually water levels are low.
  8. 40 KMPH is too low eve for city standards. All of us will cross the limit in our day to day driving. I feel it is meant to extract money. 60 KMPH should be decent option.
  9. I am planning to visit in December, Is it advisable to visit in the next month?
  10. So technically, helping a person or taking an accident victim to hospital is a crime?
  11. What every other IT guy doing during COVID? Invest in shares Since we are automotive group. I am planning to make small investments in automobile shares. I am considering follow options: TATA Automobiles Mahindra and Mahindra Automobiles Bajaj Automobiles What is your opinion on these companies in long run?
  12. Kollur has lot of activity going on. Many new investment options are available. Seen this project, it is good. Only drawback is new builder and hope they will survive COVID impact on housing.
  13. I would suggest you to leave the headlamp stock and work on Fog lamp(Projector setup). This way you will have reliability and backup
  14. Perfect timing. Planning to do Kodaikanal coming December. Pictures are breath taking man.
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