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  1. Tata folks are saying there is wiring issues of I touch the headlamps setup. Also personally I do not want to distrub the headlamp setup.
  2. Coincidentally, I am also in touch with Amit (A different one though) about the same iPH projector fog lights he suggested that the LED projectors are new and better than the previous HID projector fog lights! This is costing me around 6k for the full kit
  3. My initial plan is to get the latest Projector LED setup for Fog's in both my Tiago and Nexon, checking on few options currently
  4. Tata is quoting me a bomb @90k while stunnerz offered me a quote of around 30k!! Infact Harish himself suggested that I do roof / side mirror wrap
  5. You have pretty much covered all the major restaurants on this stretch @Gowtham I always prefer to stop at a good dhaba in Suryapet or Kodad when I drive alone or when we do boys trips, but it will usually be either 7 or Vivera that I prefer to stop if I am with family!
  6. Hotel Manorama is another popular choice in Vijayawada for travelers who are looking for a decent restaurant on their way without too much diversion! It is very well located on the main road with parking and very good ambience
  7. Did you speak to @Rajsuhas ? I am looking for a full denting / painting for my Tia very soon, it has scratches and dents all over and would need work to be done on almost all the panels and quarters! @Gowtham @sagar any inputs for me on the below issues 1) Should I get my car denting and painting (full body because almost all the panels have minor scratches) and then go for wrap? 2) Should I only fix 1 or 2 major dents that I have out of which 1 is worrying (rusting) and then get full wrap leaving remaining minor paint scratches as is because I am doin
  8. This is a fantastic topic @SK01 Couple of questions I have are 1) Are all the lights turned on from your setup in the video while driving? 2) how fair is the visibility of the same setup when we do not have those little trees as median and when the HD's of oncoming traffic keep hitting you at your eyes? Can you share one such video as well with no median blockers? 3) I am waiting for a full upgrade of my Tia very soon, Headlights / Tyres and little wrap too so taking my time to understand each of this aspect in detail.
  9. Thank you very much for this information bro!!
  10. Absolutely safe!! My son who is two years old enjoyed the little trek and falls completely. Like I said drive to the top of falls.
  11. Like I have mentioned Ethipothala is now fully commercial spot with all fences, you cannot go beyond a certain view point (very similar to Jog Falls). We use to get in to the water years back when there were no fencings and all. Nagarjunasagar again as usual cops blocked the way which goes towards dam gates as soon as the gates were opened. This has become a very common practice in the last 1 year due to overcrowding.
  12. very true!! it is very similar to Chaparai but a little more broader and seasonal
  13. Absolutely! we did it in a day. Started at 8am and returned by 9pm (with a 1 hour wasted because of flat tyre)
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