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  1. This Dussehra holidays we planned a long road trip to Coimbatore in our EcoSport. Thanks to India-Drive members, especially @sagar @Ranger for suggesting trip route and staying food options along the route. Day -1: We started around 4 AM from Miyapur, Hyderabad. Drive till Anantapur is quite familiar to me, as i have driven this route many times. Drive was excellent with good pleasant weather, around 9:30 AM We reached Anantapur for breakfast at Club RuRu. Food was good as well as the service and atmosphere. After some nice breakfast
  2. Started at 4 am at miyapur we reached anantapur clubruru for breakfast at 9:30. food was good aswell the service. started there from 10 am and reached the banglore outskirts by afternoon, till now roads are excellent, abke to maintan 80-100 kmph, We took the left route from devanahalli through sarjapura road and reached hosur for lunch around 3:00 pm. this stretch of road is narrow and filled with traffic at few junctions, but quite scenic. im attaching the map image for reference. from hosur roads were quite good but the traffic was hectic, heavy vehicles occupying all the lanes, not giving w
  3. it's not official @SK01 most probably a collaboration like suzuki and toyota had. strategic partnership for the common benefit of both companies.
  4. thanks, the video looks scary. what an amazing car. well done. and great tips.
  5. @gauravs79 roads are excellent. banglore highway is one the best in country. i'll update the other details in this thread. @Ranger Hi, small info. To cross bangalore by early morning (4-5) what time i should start from miyapur, Hyderabad? Which place is ideal for a break? pls advise. Thanks!
  6. @Ranger in that case i'll start late night and cross bangalore early morning and take a break near salem and drive-on. Thanks!
  7. @Ranger Thanks for the info. what's your suggestion for starting time from Hyderabad? i was thinking 4 AM. or should i start much earlier?
  8. Plan is to visit coimbatore on 29 sep 2019, sunday Suggest some stop-overs or good restaurants enroute. also Hyderabad to Coimbatore is possible to do in a day? Thanks in advance!
  9. The problem we faced here in the evening, is a common problem we usually face in such peaceful locations. drunkards or people who visit such scenic locations only to drink and eat non-veg stuff and throw bottles and junk. we saw this nonsense at orvakal and in the jungle camp at pacherla also. i seriously wonder why they need to come to such locations when their idea of having fun is only to drink and eat. ? Even some google reviews mentioned about this issue, sadly i didn't notice it earlier. Visiting this place in morning is advisable. i have not seen a single signboar
  10. Thanks for the precise info. Visited the site this sunday, Initial plan is to start early morning as suggested but couldn't start by 7. so we started around 2 PM after lunch hoping to see sunset at the dam site. lot of evening traffic on the NH 65, once we turn from NH65 to Atmakur side, The roads were getting narrow and road condition is not good, thus making the drive longer. We were able to reach the bridge by 4 PM, the views were spectacular and peaceful. Spent some time at the bridge and went ahead to the dam site. Wow! indeed it's a fantastic place where could see miles and miles of dis
  11. amazing pics and the trip looks like quite an adventurous one. thanks for the details and writ-up. quite inspiring!
  12. Distance : 150 Kilometres to temple site. Approx Route we took : Gachibowli via Nehru Outer Ring Rd and NH65 Road condition : Excellent Restaurants : You can find many on the highway like Vivera, N grill. we had lunch at Hotel Durga near Narketpally. Food is excellent and good service. Recently went a day trip to (12-Aug-2019) Chaya Someshwara Swamy Temple at Panagal, is an Ancient Hindu Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva, located in Nalgonda District of Telangana. we started around 8 am and reached the temple by 11. The Deity in the te
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