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  1. Can anyone share exact location? Any update on construction status?
  2. These are prime contributors Poor infrastructure Poor rules Low crash rating High number of bikes compares to other countries High congestion
  3. I think amenities, floor rise etc are included in that price. It is an added advantage.
  4. These are fixed sizes? Or We should just buy sft and plans will be available later?
  5. 25 Acers is a huge. project. Any information on floor plans?
  6. Shared it with my friend who is looking to remove hypothecation for his bike. It is like a guide thank you.
  7. Hallmark is previously behind the schedule like any other builder. I think they should be good with RERA.
  8. Is it from Jaya group? Any Boucher available? Any one recently booked? What is the latest price?
  9. Trek is easy. A beginner car do it without any problems. As LoneRanger suggested, you need to take good pair of shoes, last section can be slippery. Don't go during rain.
  10. Love your travel reports. Great skill behind camera. At this age you are inspiring many young souls. Wish you belated happy birthday Like to see more travel stories, every year.
  11. Lovely pictures, Can I know which camera is used?
  12. Agree with your points, China is way ahead in technology now. We have to accept that fact. Their quality improved a lot, they are value for money. YI, OnePlus..list goes on. They proved that they can provide quality at a decent price. Unlike overpriced American brands.
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