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  1. Trek is easy. A beginner car do it without any problems. As LoneRanger suggested, you need to take good pair of shoes, last section can be slippery. Don't go during rain.
  2. Love your travel reports. Great skill behind camera. At this age you are inspiring many young souls. Wish you belated happy birthday Like to see more travel stories, every year.
  3. Lovely pictures, Can I know which camera is used?
  4. Agree with your points, China is way ahead in technology now. We have to accept that fact. Their quality improved a lot, they are value for money. YI, OnePlus..list goes on. They proved that they can provide quality at a decent price. Unlike overpriced American brands.
  5. Coorg is too hot summer. My suggest is to visit only Ooty and skip Coorg.
  6. Looks like a Africa, so much contrast. Any official summer drive meetups in Hyderabad?
  7. Love the Baleno in blue shade. Pictures came out very well mate. Temperatures in Warangal are high compared to Hyderabad? What is the best time to visit, two days good enough to cover all the places?
  8. Wow lovely pictures. Any cheap stay options available in Tadoba?
  9. Evenings and mornings are good. Don't expect greenery. Grass is completely dry during our visit on feb. If it is a relaxing drive. Book a resort with view and enjoy. If you are planning to explore, avoid till monsoon. Hyderabad to Solapur is excellent except for 40 kilometres patch, road work under process. Solapur to Mahableshwar is not so great. Most of it is a single lane road. But roads are manageable.
  10. Excellent plan Sagar. I have to execute this plan for myself on some weekend. Except for Faluknama palace. Golconda fort is a must visit. If it is on weekend, try to visit on Saturday. Sunday it is over crowded. Reach the place by 8:30AM. Fort opens at 9AM. Crowd will be very less and it will be peaceful.
  11. It will be too hot in March.(my home town ) Evening and early morning will be cool, mid will be unbearable. (humidity) Would suggest you to consider it before mid of February.
  12. Excellent pictures Sir, Fantastic details. Gone thorough the full post. You covered all the temple/architectures related places around Hyderabad in a single shot. I think your next destination will be Yaganti.
  13. Amazon launched Echo Input. I am planning to consider it for my car. Any one used it? Can we use it in car? I also need an Echo input for my home theatre system. If this doesn't work out in my car. I will use it at my home.
  14. My Hampi trip is pending from years. Sadly, I have a client visit on that week. Can I add myself to the tentative list? Accommodations are booked in advance?
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