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  1. Few points about this project. Hallmark builders were previously small, they had completed multiple standalone projects in Alkapur Township. Their biggest project which they say as completed is Hallmark emperia, I visited this venture and to my surprise they had maintained it in bad condition and construction is still in progress. If I need to invest in their next project just based on this then I wouldn't invest. Having said that, covid has also impacted many builders so emperia might be the one which got impacted by covid but since these ppl are new to big gated project
  2. I went to their office recently, firstly if keep the price aside the availability of flats is a question for such high price. If anyone is not aware, Rajapushpa has sold investor flat sale at 4500 during Jan 2020, early investors have booked all the flats which have best view and location within the community. Also they are saying price negotiation will be hardly 100 rupees that i.e. 6450 (best possible that is also doubt). Considering the flats availability and price I have dropped this venture in my shortlisting. Having the said that if anyone has enough money like 1.5 to 1.
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