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  1. Take the road I mentioned. By next year I am expecting last one hour stretch will also be over by a good proportion. If you are going to Korla gate then my route wont have any problem at all.. Its smooth 8 hours drive. Sorry 7 hours drive. 1 hour is hell.
  2. Absolutely! Navegaon and Korala are two good gates to enjoy both buffer and Core zone. It was surprising to see people been staying over three three nights for core safari twice a day! That's passion.
  3. There are plenty of resorts around and also Government resorts are pretty good. Go in May.... the weather is hot for sure but the safari will get you see all animals ....
  4. I did click many pictures of the elephants, brown beers, bison, deer and birds but since its a smartphone , the clarity didnt come that well with zoom features. I didnt post them here. However I felt the frequency of spotting elephants across Gavi forest is like we spot people in city! Almost every where you can spot them ....
  5. The resort is indeed great and they are very accommodating. For sight seeing and other travel itineraries, periyar cabs helped me all through. Incase you are driving yourself, then of course its a different story altogether.
  6. I will ping you @sagar. The resort is a great place and the experience was really good!. The view, location and ambiance , everything was great.
  7. Ha Ha.. Thank you @ksa171983 I also promise, I will try to be more crisp and keep it short in coming posts!.... I love the way a lot of us post their travel stories here...
  8. @Ranger I will be honest! Initially I thought its expensive but after the first experience ever in safari /jungle, the kind of support and welcome we recieved from the resort, their team, kind of customer service done , it was good enough to go for the stay and also have an experience. However @Krish was in Tadoba recently too and he paid much less for stay at another gate. He can comment on that and we can surely try our luck there. He enjoyed the stay, got a view of the tiger and also had a great experience.
  9. Thank you For "This picture is crazy! " , who would say this is seasonal waterfall!!!
  10. Whoever has said – hills are green when they are far way – I so want to meet and dispute and take the character to Thekaddy on a free vacation with me! What you are looking for – Jungle Safari? waterfalls? meadows? cultural festivity in daily life? Let me give you few more – tea gardens, spice gardens, vineyard, meadows and valleys? Still you need more – Alright! Let me add it- Elephant Safari, Boating and how about off-road driving??? Ladies and Gentlemen…. Read the list again – give yourself this gift - Taste Thekkady!!! Airways to Thekkady Cochin, Madurai are two airports v
  11. @sagar one month time gap buddy however the pricing was much better after negotiation than what was first quoted or published on the website. Pictures are not mine and been submitted by resort, friends and other visitors. ? ? ?
  12. Yes , pretty much. I guess for the first time, it worth it . I guess SK went for much cheapter rate at another gate.
  13. @Ranger Here is the break up Room Stay - INR 10000 . This includes your breakfast, unlimited cold drinks, tea, coffee , lime juice , snacks ( quite a variety compared to the fact we were in a jungle and on safari. They do provide ample of options to eat, munch or eat all afternoon and evening), lunch and dinner. Safari Cost - To Gate Korala Gate Buffer Zone for three people - INR 5000 Safari to Core Zone - Weekend Cost for three people - INR 6000 If you are taking a cab to Nagegaon Gate for safari - INR 1800 The resort managers are amazing and c
  14. Tandra, it was so embarrassing to click pictures with my smartphone in front of the professional photographers who were capturing the moments in camera and lens like machine guns. See the break up Toll Gate - INR 730 ( These are the number of times you pay on your way up and down - INR ( 75, 70, 65, 80, 45, 75, 80, 45, 75, 70, 50). This is for Korala Gate. Highway Breakfast and Lunch - INR 200 per head Petrol - Up and Down INR 7000. This is for i10 Grand Hyundai. I got a mileage close to 18 kms almost.
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