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  1. In this case you can skip the entry into Karnataka. You can go to Vellore via Kadapa and Chittoor. From Vellore you can reach Coimbatore via Salem. You have to travel nearly 100kms. through this route. Also, your travel time may increase by another 3 hrs. But one possible way is you can take night halt in Vellore if you want.
  2. Its just depends on your driving skills. If so, yes its absolutely safe. Just you have to take some extra care after you cross Kadapa, as it is a 2 lane highway going through forest.
  3. As, you are from Gachibowli, Kurnool highway is better.
  4. As you wanted to reach Hyderabad without any breaks my suggession is not to enter VIZAG city as it will eat 1.30 hr more time. After you cross Gosthani river in Tagarpuvalasa, you can take diversion at Anadapuram. The best route to follow to skip VSP's traffic is: Tagarapuvalasa -> Anandapuram -> Sontyam -> Sabbavaram -> Anakapalle. Also, after Rajahmundry better to go through Dhavaleswaram and meet highway near Tanuku. Rajahmundry -> Ravulapalem -> Tanuku. This will save you from the traffic conditions of Rajahmundry.
  5. Till Meerut it was smooth. We tried very hard to escape the traffic of Delhi. So, from Yamuna expressway we take diversion to catch delhi meerut expressway. There I found road conditions were ok. But due to traffic we faced a little problem. After leaving Meerut bypass, we drove for around one hour and ghats got started. Till Rudraprayag ghats are good. Till Rishikesh we were careful in ghats. After rishikesh the ghats will go along Ganga River and roads are very narrow. So, you have to be 2X careful till Rudraprayag. After Rudraprayag Ghats became even narrower till Joshimath. Here we were 5X
  6. You are right roads got improved between hyderabad to mahboob nagar, but the challenges arise after this stretch, as you have to go through lot of villages and you will face lot of speed breakers. I went to Hampi through this route and it took almost 12hrs to reach Hampi. I think 'Hyderabad ->Humnabad -> Gulbarga -> Bagalkot -> Hubli -> Gokarna' will be better.
  7. We went there in September. We felt that the rooms were well sanitized. We mostly preferred to stay in dharamshalas instead of hotels. As we didn't find any good dharamshala in Rudraprayag and Agra we opted for hotel. Coming to the case of Mathura a lot of Dhramshalas are available in Vrindavan which is far away from Krishna Janmabhoomi of Mathura. So, we have opted for the hotel nearer to Shri Krishna Janmasthan. So, we have visited temple thrice during our visit to Mathura. While coming to Sagar, the hotel is few meters away from the highway. There was no need to take more diversion from hig
  8. Day 1: Leave from Hyderabad in early hours to escape city traffic. Hyderabad -> Nirmal -> Nagpur -> Chinndhwara -> Sagar Breakfast Stop: Outskirts of Nirmal: https://goo.gl/maps/vuQhtvGfweht4Uej6 Lunch stop: Outskirts of Nagpur: https://goo.gl/maps/TxaVYDixuDBeFKHk8 Snacks stop: Outskirts of Nagpur Chinndhwara: https://goo.gl/maps/d1WpPKSrRQSQscacA Night halt & Dinner: Sagar : https://goo.gl/maps/kGnLs6MuJp1Ys3Dt6 (Price 1500-2500) Day 2: Sagar -> Jhansi -> Gwalior -> Agra Breakfast at hotel in Sa
  9. If you start at 3:00Am, you will reach Tirupathi by 11:00Am (This was our travel time when we visited Tirupathi recently and we are from LB Nagar)
  10. Yes, for onward journey going through Kurnool and Kadapa is good. But plan accordingly so that you can escape city traffic. My suggession is to leave in early hours (3:00AM) to escape Hyderabad city traffic. If you are planning to visit Srikalahasthi in return, It is better to take NH16 at Naidupet. From Ongole you have to take diversion to Narketpally expressway where you can enter NH65 near Narketpally and you can reach Uppal easily by which has chance of escaping the city traffic. Tirupathi to Srikalahasthi : 34km with average road conditions. Srikalahasthi to
  11. The stretch from Jadcherla to Kadapa is so good. From Kadapa to Tirupathi also its good. But roads are some what bad in Tirupathi due to the flyover works going on in Tirupathi from MS Subbalakshmi Circle to Nandi circle. The road conditions form Hyderabad to Jadcherla is also good but due to traffic is more in this stretch. Kadapa to Tirupathi is a 2 lane road as the whole stretch goes from forest. If you are having good driving skills, yes you can manage at night time. When we went to Tirupathi we have crossed Kadapa by 10:00PM and reached Tirupathi by 12:30Am. So, you can plan accordi
  12. Yes you can go by this route, but the problem is you have to start too early from Hyderabad i.e., by 3:00 AM (in order to escape city traffic). If you are a person who can drive for long distances in a single stretch. You will reach Jabalpur by 6:00PM (due to good road conditions). You can get some decent hotels at Jabalpur. Next day you can start from Jabalpur, by night you can reach Lucknow. Take care while driving between Jabalpur and Rewa. After Rewa you can get good road conditions and you can drive from Rewa to Lucknow in Single stretch (try to avoid traffic in Prayagraj)
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