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  1. Tried bro, its not working. Not sure what is the issue. pop blocker is also allowed.
  2. @mit1682 Friends, I was trying to book the slot online. After updating the registration details and financier details, when i confirm on the page, it will take me to summary page where there is only 3 option Edit, Save, Clear but its not taking me to calendar booking page as mentioned above. Have tried from all browsers. what could be an issye? please suggest.
  3. Right so your NOC was 1 year old too. Thank You for re-confirming. 👍
  4. Thanks @mit1682 Its very helpful post. exactly what i was looking for. I have to remove my car's hypothecation. few queris i have. My car is in banagalore and i am not planning to bring it in hyderabad only for this. Hope its ok. I have NOC and Form 35 from SBI but its 4 month old? Do i need to get it re-issued as i heard there is 3 month validity I am coming just for this work- is there any other things i need to take care of before planning this trip.
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