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  1. Pre-launch doesn't come with RERA option. Once the project is launched, it will be under RERA. Anyway contact the builder for latest information and price. This is just an information sharing platform.
  2. This is a pre-launch project, contact the builder directly. I just shared the whatsApp forward that I received.
  3. Will reach out to you. Any update on Boucher availability?
  4. Most of the big builders are going 40 floor plans. We will see many sky scrapers by 2030.
  5. Thanks for the update. All the pre-launches are like this. There wont be any loans until the project is approved.
  6. Check below link
  7. People usually stop at Sagar, how many days are you planning for the trip?
  8. Any information on latest pricing?
  9. Recently I have parked my vehicle in the airport for 3 nights and was charged 900 INR.. Here is a picture which I had clicked at the parking till which might be helpful.
  10. Project name : Suprabhat Heights Builder company/name : Dhruvasai Infra Project Status: Under construction Project price(per sq.yd) : 15000/- Project location: Bhuvanagiri Google maps link : https://goo.gl/maps/7XpKC7iaTjV5SdhB7 Project RERA: P02000000921 Project Details :
  11. Thank you for the update, one of my office mate is planning to take this route.
  12. There are multiple routes from Hyderabad to Goa it is always confusing.
  13. Project name : Dates County Builder company/name : Plant green Project Status: Under Construction Project price(per sqyd) : 5,500 INR Project location: Kadhtal mandal Google maps link : https://g.page/dates-county-by-planet-green?share Project RERA: NA Project details:
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