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  1. General: I am not sure why many people are calling it `Paragliding`, but actually, it is `Paramotoring`. Location: https://goo.gl/maps/KQ5bfr2FjF7Zqmd3A Timings: 6:30 AM - 9:30 AM 3:30 PM - 6:00 PM (Open all 7 Days) Duration and Pricing / Per Person (Inclusive of taxes and Insurance) 2500 Rs - 5 Mins 4000 Rs - 10 Mins (I personally Recommend this; I mean, in terms of pricing, airlift time, experience without getting bored, I felt this is best. Actually, I went with this because I checked with a guy who was already experienced with 15 Mins and 10 Mins) 6000 Rs - 15 Mins 8000 Rs - 20 Mins They are charging extra 1000 Rs for a GoPro video... So I suggest carrying your own Go Pro if you have one already Note: They are claiming that the longer you fly, the higher you go, so better choose a longer duration... But, I observed the blokes who went with 10 and 15 mins, and I felt like the altitude was ALMOST the same. Yes, I agree, there is a huge difference between 5 and 10 Mins (I mean, it is not even possible to fly high in just 5 mins as we all know) but is it really worth choosing a longer duration than 10 or 15? My answer is no. I agree that we will get an opportunity to fly longer but higher altitude? Pre-Booking is Mandatory: (But I see, they are accepting spot payments if there is no rush, even I didn't pre-book) 50% of the amount we have to pay in advance to confirm the booking (Non-Refundable: In case you cancel it. Refundable: In case they cancel it.) How to Pre-Book?: Call this number 9950780434 (we have to make an advance payment (50% of total) via UPI, and we have to share the screenshot with them on WhatsApp) Slots: Limited (so better to go with pre-booking so that we no need to get into last-minute surprises) Weight Restrictions?: Minimum: 20 Kgs Maximum 120 Kgs Age Restriction: There is no age restriction for this, but I personally don't suggest for the people whose age is > 55 Best time: Sun-Rise or Sun-Set? it's your choice... If we plan for a Sun-Rise, we have to wake up early and reach it by 6:00 (It is around 50Kms far from HYD) If we plan for sunset, we need to handle the dark side of the day. Road Condition: Not good at all and finally, it is a thrilling experience, you will definitely enjoy it a lot. Their website: https://www.wingmastersco.in/ My suggestion: Fly with Abhay Singh Rathore, blindly trust me, this guy is a gem, I felt he played with the machine very well than other pilots. And Finally some Photos Pranamam.
  2. Great... you can simply do that if you have a picture perfect plan. Coming to the challenges: Mostly nothing... My first long ride was from Hyderabad to Goa, and I still remember how badly I planned that and how worst it came out. But from next to that... I never faced any challenges in my long rides... Because every time I plan at least before 15 days, write every need in one excel, arrange needs at least before 1 week, and check everything before a day of a long ride. So, I never faced any challenges in any of my trip, except in HYD-GOA ride.
  3. Thank you @mit1682 I am elated that you liked my photography skills 😀.
  4. Oh yeah, I have covered some waterfalls and spots in Vattakanal... I forgot to mention it specifically. Thanks for reminding.... and by the way, yeah I should have covered Wayanad properly, but I will plan some other time to finish it off. Actually I was out of energy to cover places like Edakkal caves, some dams, and reviews were also not so special, so I skipped, but surely I'll cover those in future to satisfy my heart. Yes, more to go... still Kanyakumari and Danushkodi are there in the list to proudly say "I have completed south India with may fat boy RE" ☺️ and I am eagerly waiting for the next December.
  5. Thank you Sagar. I t was a nice round trip and next December is for Kanyakumari and Danushkodi is what I am planning. ☺️
  6. Thank you Gowtham and Sagar gaaru. Before jumping on to the detailed flow of my latest trip, I would like to thank you guys first for creating and actively moving in this platform. By the way, I am a solo bike rider who takes a max of 10 days of personal time off from work (of every 12 months, and these 10 days are only for my long bike ride). Mostly I take these 10 days from the month of December, because it will not impact business and company much, and I like foggy views, year-end feeling, etc. (Actually, December has its own advantages in my case, but it's completely a different story so not covering here) Coming to the details: (This is to the people who all are reading and planning a long ride to Kerala) 11th December: -> 5:00 AM: Done with all the setup by marking this sheet (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vQR7v2txYCS7aX410oyE3EmiwaoBqb8JurF782LSGIpijCWResBEKh8JFdteKDMwIY_FHRkAKx70F2R/pubhtml) -> Around 6:00 AM: Done with Breakfast 2 Idly -> 6:57 AM: Started from home -> Took 3 total stops (Max 20 Mins each) in between, before reaching Bangalore. -> Reached hotel in Bangalore at some around 6:30 in the evening (STOP for the Day 1) Max speed: 110, Min speed: 60 KMPH 12th December: -> Started around 8:00 AM from Bangalore and reached 900 woods - (Meppadi -> Thollayiram Rd, Vellarimala, Kerala) (Reached around 6:00 PM) 5 total stops (Max 30 Mins each) -> Jungle Stay, Night tent camping, sunrise trekking + food was arranged by http://www.wildind.in/ (It was really a great experience to stay in a jungle, in a small tent without having signals for communication... If you are using Jio, you will get some least strength of the signal at a certain point if you stand on a rock and it will not help us in any way to get cellular network, Mine is airtel, so it was a complete shut) 13th December: Early morning: Trekking managed by Wildind as mentioned above. (Trust me, it was the best trekking in my life till date, and below pic is a proof for that) (Dear admin, you can remove the below pic, if it is crossing the terms and conditions of this site) Started from Jungle to Meppadi (around 12:30 PM and reached a hotel in Meppadi around 3:30 PM) -> Pookodi lake from Hotel (Worst Lake I have ever seen in my life) -> 2 Hours literelly wasted here. -> Night at Hotel Meppadi Max speed: 100, Min speed: 30 KMPH 14th December: -> From hotel to Chembra peak (Started at 6:00 AM from hotel to the ticket counter of Chembra peak, because only 200 visitors are allowed/day to climb it) Chembra peak is literally Heaven... I enjoyed it a lot. -> Returned to hotel from Chembra peak by around 2 PM. -> Started to Athrirapalli from hotel (and in between covered Lakkidi viewpoint) around 3:00 PM and took a stop for night stay, in Kodassery (This is near to Athrirapalli), and reached hotel by 10 PM. Max speed: 100, Min speed: 30 KMPH 15th December: -> Started to Athriapally water falls from hotel around 7:30 AM and reached to it in 50 Mins (Again, it was a thrilling bike ride experience in a scenic forest road) -> Next stop: Vazhachal Waterfalls (Actually next stop of Athrirapally was some other waterfalls, but I forgot the name of it) -> Vazhachal Waterfalls to Hotel, then started to Munnar on the same day and reached Munnar by exactly 5:00 PM -> 5:15 PM: Kalari Kshethra (and the people here are very sweet and honest, they helped me to get a good scenic stay) -> Stay. 16th December: -> Started from Hotel (Some around 5:00 AM) and covered below Sunrise, ponmudi Hanging bridge Ponmudi dam Chunayanmakkal waterfalls Varayattumotta Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary and all the above were very close to each other so all these were done by around 10:30 AM, and on the same day below (actual Munnar) was also covered Munnar Tea gardens If you have a bike, I suggest you to ride on the same road of Anamudi (I don't think a car can go well in that road, but you will not forget it in your life) Anamudi Eravikulam National Park Photo point Mattupetty Dam -> Started from hotel in Munnar to Kodaikanal (Reached Hotel in Kodaikanal by around 9 PM) 17th December: Done with Dolphin's nose Echo point Pine Tree Forest Guna Caves Green Valley Viewpoint Kodaikanal Lake Bryant Park Coaker's Walk (Actually Coaker's Walk was covered on 18th December, because of full fog, view was bad on 17th December so re-visited Coaker's Walk on 18th December) Solar Observatory -> Again, we can cover everything in Kodai just in 8 hours, because all places are very close to each other. -> Back to Hotel. 18th December: -> Kodai to Bangalore (3 rest stops, Max 20 mins each) -> Stay Max speed: 110, Min speed: 60 KMPH 19th December: -> Bangalore to Hyderabad (3 rest stops, Max 20 mins each) Max speed: 110, Min speed: 60 KMPH 20th Back to work. Only point where I was little upset is... I was not able to cover Wayanad properly and skipped Alappuzha because of covid restrictions, but anyway added Kodai to my list and I enjoyed a lot in Kodai. Pranamam 🙏
  7. Round Trip: Hyderabad -> Bangalore -> via Mysore (Non-stop) -> 900 Woods -> Wayanad -> Athirappilly -> Munnar -> KODAIKANAL -> Bangalore -> Hyderabad Total 9 days plan Bike: Classic 350 Round Trip: 2830 Kms Spent 50K (Including petrol) For Trip, this is how I plan every time: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vQR7v2txYCS7aX410oyE3EmiwaoBqb8JurF782LSGIpijCWResBEKh8JFdteKDMwIY_FHRkAKx70F2R/pubhtml Here are some pictures that I would like to share:
  8. Yeah, It was an adventurous, and one of my best rides till date. By the way, Thank you andi 🙂
  9. Thanks Gowtham gaaru, It's a good plan. By the way, how about this? Total 9 days plan (added 1 more day): Day 1: HYD-> Bangalore Day2: Bangalore -> via Mysore (Non stop) -> Wayanad Day 3: Wayanad Day 4: Wayanad Day 5: Alappuzha Day 6: Athirappilly Water Falls -> Munnar Day 7: Munnar Day 8: Munnar -> Bangalore Day 9: Bangalore -> HYD Total 50Hrs Travel. Map: Route
  10. Namaskaram, As I mentioned in the title, I am looking for a best scenic and adventurous route for my upcoming long bike ride (Hyderabad to Munnar). Additionally: I have a zero knowledge on the spots of Kerala, so looking here for some experienced bloke who can advice/suggest me some BEST Places to Visit. More Details: 1. Planning to complete the round trip in 8 days. 2. Start: December 2021 (Not decided any date yet) 3. Ride on: Bike, RE CLASSIC 350 Pranamam - Janaki Rajesh Duvvuri.
  11. Thanks for your valuable suggestions Sagar and Gowtham gaaru.. Here are a few shots (Gowtham suggested Plan) from my last year travel diary.
  12. Namaskaram, Planned a road trip (Bike Ride - RE Classic) from Hyderabad - > Bangalore -> Coimbatore -> Ooty; What am I trying to find? 1. A good conditioned, beautiful route for my ride. 2. Best views & places. Details: Bike: RE Classic 350 Start Date: December 22nd- 2020 End Date: December 28th-2020 Planned Stops (Which I can change based on your valuable suggestions): Bangalore (Max 6 Hours Stay at Hotel) -> Coimbatore -> Ooty. Please suggest. Pranamam, Janaki Rajesh Duvvuri.
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