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  1. Since Brezza being bit of bigger vehicle you can do it easily in around 12-14 hrs.. But now till May 1st 7 AM restriction are in place in Maharashtra as of now you cannot start early also it would be advised to start bit early around 5-6 AM from Mumbai so that can make it to HYB by late evening at least, there could be some checks en-route owing to current situation. If its not urgent and don't have valid reason better postpone your travel plan a bit. Keep an eye on further restrictions but with current scenario its better to have Covid negative report in hand ready for
  2. Return Journey from Rajamundry to Pune. Day 1: 1. Started from Rajahmundry around after 8:30 AM took Kovvur-Deverapalli road which leads towards Eluru and joins NH16 later its bit shorter route compared to complete NH16 via Ravulapalem-Vijayawada route and good 3 toll booths skipped. 2.Route had bit of traffic and also has good amount of Lorry traffic so wasn't smooth sailing to start with gradually it eased out condition of route was pretty fine but had few diversions once joined NH16 it was smooth sail till Vijayawada city limits. 3.Hit some traffic around v
  3. You need not worry as of now no particular restrictions in place can't predict if any new restrictions could be in place or not since its good 2-3 weeks to go, so keep following news. With the situation would suggest to have a RT-PCR test done around 3-4 days before start of journey also now they have cut down cost of test to Rs.500 in Maharashtra, In my case had to wait for my father undertake Rapid antigen test at Karnataka border while heading towards HYB. Possibly the officer on duty then wasn't having such liking towards MH going by his words so better have a -ve RT-PCR certif
  4. Hello sagar sir, thanks for the Inputs, on my way back to Mumbai, I opted to skip HYB stay and travelled to Zaheerabad and stayed there in a decent hotel for overnight stay. This was due to save time since I want to start early on Day 2nad it did help me lot.. Anyways shall share details of my return trip in a separate post.
  5. Any hotels for stay at around ORR(Gachibowli/Kondapur) just for overnight stay don't want spend a bomb specifically looking in 1K-3K options this is on return trip to Mumbai.. Halt around HYB and start again early hours of coming Sunday morning to proceed further towards Pune/Mumbai.
  6. Thanks Sagar, had mentioned a few food points where I had stopped for food, owing to prevailing conditions I was pretty choosy so mentioning them again. Day 1 Stopped after Khalapur Toll at food plaza for breakfast at food court & it has good range for food options available, this is Mumbai-Pune Express Highway just after Toll plaza you can see clear hoardings/Display signs before it. Add to Mumbai-Pune Express has 2-3 such food court options en-route either side. Stopped for Lunch at Hotel Nisarg a pretty decent eatery place just around 10 kms before sola
  7. Completed my Mumbai - Rajahmundry Trip on Hyundai Santro Xing in last 2 days. Was just following the Google Maps (Kms RUn was around 1200 ) Here are some points in journey. Day 1: 1. Started at 6 AM against planned 5:30 AM from Mumbai Western Suburbs. Hit some traffic around Airoli Toll seems due diversion of Lorry/Container traffic so cost around 20-30 mins extra. 2. Stopped after Khalapur Toll at food plaza for breakfast and small rest for vehicle for around 30 mins. This food court has good range for food options available. 3.Start
  8. Thanks a lot Gowtham sir for the inputs. Surely shall posted my entire travel experience here.
  9. Any further update dear members since planning for the mentioned road trip next week. Would start early from Mumbai between 5-6 AM and planning to halt at Hyderabad by late evening/night and then continue next day further. Planning to halt at around Gachibowli near ORR for stay in Hyderabad or any other suggestion would be welcome. Kindly suggest recommended route and stay options available since will be travelling with parents and its kind of first long drive for me. Thanks in Advance.
  10. Hello Members, We are planning for a drive from Mumbai to Rajahmundry and back possibly in first week of February, lay over at HYB for stay overnight. Would Prefer to start early from Mumbai possibly by 5-6 AM is it possible to reach HYB by late evening at least ?? Kindly suggest recommended route and stay options available since will be travelling with parents. Thanks in Advance.
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