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  1. It seems the roads have gone from bad to worst, I did the last road trip from Hyderabad to Goa, started at 5 in the morning and reached Goa (Verca) at 7 PM with one hour long break.
  2. Hi, my last visit to Delhi from Hyderabad was before lockdown, however, I understand that now all the borders are open. The overall drive is approx. 1500 kms and can be completed is 28 hours if you take a couple of halts. If you plan to travel easily, you may take a halt in Jhansi. For border checking, if you are taking Agra route, keep your papers handy, the police patrol always see TS vehicles with a different eye as most of the guys wasn't sure which state it is. BTW, Delhi is planning for another lockdown at hot spots, so plan accordingly
  3. Awesome post, that was one leisure trip. Unfortunately my daughter is 8 and she is having her online classes and I have my office, so I am planning to hit the road and be back within 4-5 days. Planning for a day's drive in my Safari Storme (with 85 k on odo so slightly skeptical) from Hyderabad to Goa. How are the ghat sections from Belgaum to Goa, truck jams or not (I travelled 2-3 years ago in Feb and it was hell of jams due to unloading at Jetties). I am planning to south Goa, hence, I think the route will be a little different. Any suggestions will be helpful. Thanks
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