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  1. @sagar It's North Candolim, Goa. Near by Hayatt place. This property has a total of 6 rooms and 1 pent house... 1st 3 floors, it has 2 rooms per floor and 4th floor fully is of pent house with 2 bedrooms and a small private pool. Pent house can accommodate some 10 to 12 members because it has 2 bedrooms and extra beds etc.,(Total=around 40Nos) If couples are travelling then obviously in 1st 3 floors, 1 couple per room... 6couples and pent house 2 couples. Total 8 couples(16Nos). It totally depends on how we can make use of that place and space. S
  2. If you are looking to stay in Goa for a couple of days, my very close friend is have a nice property there... I can talk to her and you may stay for a comparitively reasonable price.. ping me on my number 8008983345 (Rajbharat K)
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