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  1. Straigth through seoni. If you go in morning there won't be many and Forest guards will let you go. I didn't find it 3-4 KM - or may be I was too happy to see quick pass through but it didn't take us more than 10-15 mins to go through that stretch.
  2. Thanks friends. I completed this trip yesterday. 2 adults 2 kids and a dog. Car Innova Automatic. 2000km with average speed 110. 3 days in total. 1. Bglr to Hyd (left 5 pm drove for 7 hours and then stayed for a night at ITC Kakatiya 2. Left for Nagpur at 12 pm(8 hours + overnight stay at Le meridian. 2. Left for Kanpur at 8 am and drove 12hours reached Kanpur 8 pm via Sagar /Jhansi. if one leaves Bglr early in morning it’s possible to reach Nagpur in one single day. I did this from Nagpur to Kanpur. 95% of the route was nice. 5%= bad patch
  3. Thanks Gowtham! Could you also advise if any chain restaurants available and open these days, specially between Hyderabad to Nagpur and Nagpur to Kanpur section. Thank you!
  4. Hello friends I am planning to make a trip Bangalore to Hyd to Nagpur to Kanpur starting early next week. I will be driving a SUV I plan to start early morning around 6-7 am and drive for no more than 8-10 hours max with a 10-15 min break for a tea every 3 hours. I have seen some posts about Bglr to Hyd and seem no trouble at all. Can you advise on following: 1. Average time generally it takes from Bglr to Hyd, Hyd to Nagpur and Nagpur to Kanpur. 2. Road conditions Hyd to Nagpur to Kanpur 3. Any specific route advised from N
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