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  1. i will like to go with Shah ghouse....i like cafe bahar too...paradise taste keep changing every time have their Biryani from different outlets. These days even some really good Mandis are available if one is bored(not me!!) of eating a biryani.
  2. I have recently finished off my road trip from Hyderabad to Gwalior. Covering a total distance of ~1200 KMs, below are some of the pointers. I have also shared a picture mentioning the time taken. I really hope this helps you. Date: 22nd Nov 2020 & 23rd Nov 2020 Vehicle used : Baleno Delta petrol Fuel consumption : around two full tanks ~ 6k (got around 20KMPL) Speed : I have tried to maintain a speed between 85 to 100 as i am not habitual to drive for long on highways. Maximum i have reached is 121 KM. Sta
  3. i just finished my one day trip today to sagar from Hyderabad, will go to Gwalior tomorrow morning...will post a detailed review once settled well in Gwalior but your comments really helped me plan my trip. started from Hyderabad at 5.15 am from Miyapur and reached by 7.50 at hotel in sagar. covered 900 kms in one day all roads are excellent barring few kms before seoni. @Satyawali
  4. Kudos for the efforts..such a detailed plan....this would surely help fellow riders, including me.
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