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  1. Hi Dhruv, Yes we did make the trip. Started from Hyderabad at 3 in the morning and reached our hotel in South Goa by 7:30 in the evening. Took a couple of long breaks including a detour into Belgaum for food. The roads are good but for a couple of patches in between. The road from Belgaum to Anmod is bad. The jungle stretch is narrow and tests your patience especially if there's a slow driver in front of you. The ghats from Anmod are alright again. We're travelling back tomorrow mostly on the same route. Will give you more updates once back.
  2. Started from Hyderabad at 3:00 AM this morning and reached the hotel in South Goa by 8:00 PM, with a couple of long hourly breaks through the journey. No major hurdles but for the terrible stretch between Belgaum and Anmod checkpoint. The road is in very bad shape and 50 km took about 2 hours. Will provide further details in additional posts. Thanks once again everyone for the guidance over the last few weeks! 😀
  3. Well we're two families, and one of the reason we're starting so early is because kids will be sleeping for the first 6 hours or so. We're honestly hoping that they co operate for rest of the journey. 😀 And ya, belated Happy Birthday to your kid 🎂🎉
  4. This is exactly what we needed brother, thanks for the detailed write up. We are leaving for Goa tonight, at around 3 AM, and this gives us a better picture of the journey ahead. We're also travelling with kids, couple of 2 year olds 😀 We're travelling to South Goa, so I am assuming that the route through Mollem should be good. Do suggest any other tips if you have.
  5. I am travelling to Varca (south Goa) and am confused on the route from Belgaum.. I am guessing via Mollem is the best route as of now? Travelling on November 19 Families with 2 young kids Car: Ciaz
  6. Thanks for the information! Also, wanted to check how much it would cost approximately for the tolls.. This will help on Fastag recharge..
  7. Hey guys, someone was suggesting that we need a NOC for travelling to Goa in our car. Is this true? TIA!
  8. Thanks Sagar for the quick reply. We plan to start at around 3:00 AM to ensure that we reach before sunset. We want to be extra careful given that we are travelling with a 1 year old. I've already mapped the route based on your earlier post.
  9. Hey Dhruv, How did your trip go? What is the route you finally took? We are planning to travel next month with our 1 year old as well, so want to be prepared before we hit the road. Do share your insights 😃 Regards, Sasikanth
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