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  1. We didnt stop at any restaurant or food joints as we were carrying our food with us... Had a night halt at Raipur only at Hotel Marriott, which i felt had taken adequate COVID precautions and sanitization measures.
  2. Patchy stretches mostly all along, between Durg and Raipur.....
  3. Onward Journey road details: 1> Hyderbad to Nagpur - would rate it 9/10... 2-3 spots post Adilabad it had some constructions going on, rest of the road is excellent. 2> Nagpur Bypass - the traffic is a bit slow, road conditions are good but the traffic distribution across that stretch is what that brings down the drive to a below average speed. Rating- 7/10 3> Nagpur to Raipur - This is where is closed my Day-1 trip . Again road conditions are excellent till Rajnandgaon. Post that lot of constructions work and road conditions are bad, especially aroudn the reside
  4. Friends, My Trip log attached for the onward Journey from Hyderbad to Rourkela. Looking forward to share my experience and details as needed. Thanks to all of you for your valuable suggestions.
  5. Hi All, Any recent updates to NH44 road conditions between Hyd and nagpur after the heavy rainfall in Telenagana in mid-Oct ?? Any roads being closed/diverted ?
  6. hey Sagar... thanks for the info.... from your reply it looks like you mean i will have an average speed of 50-55 kmph max for the whole distance and all stretches covering from Hyderabad till Rourkela.... Are the road conditions so bad that one can only make this average speed throughout ??
  7. Friends, Please help and provide guidance with point#3 for the original post... Thanks
  8. Thanks Mr. Gowtham. I was also told by an acquaintance to carry emergency tyre repair kit and more importantly topups for engine oil and coolant... recommended ??
  9. Thanks Gowtham and Karthik.... from the vehicle perspective, whats the ideal distance range i should consider to take a break for vehicle i.e. engine and tyres to cool down a bit ? and for what duration the break shud be for the vehcle...15 -20 mins enough ?
  10. Yes Gowtham... solo driver for the trip... planned to hire a driver to tag along and drive for atleast 50% of the journey but with ongoing situation, ruled out that option.
  11. Hello Friends, I am planning for a road trip from Hyderabad to Rourkela via Nagpur in the month of Nov'20 ( approx 1200 kms). I shall be the solo driver for the journey with family accompanying ( small kid along). Need help with few points: 1> Can i make the journey in one day... provided i start very early morning like 3-4 AM.. understand the initial stretch from Hyd is smooth till Adilabad, so early morning drive shud be fine. 2> Have a 5 year old i20 with 36K on it... any checks or pointers to be taken care of for the vehicle for this long run. 3> what
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