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  1. Hi, Goutham, I will be leaving Kolkata on 21st Oct night by 9:00 pm, since I am a frequent traveler by road on this route till Bhubaneshwar, so it will be easy for me to reach BBSR early morning. Will have breakfast and then leave for Vizag . Hopefully will reach Vizag by 2:00 PM on 22nd Oct. On 23rd Oct early morning by 3:00 am will leave for Hyderabad and by late afternoon will reach and will spend the night. On 24th early morning will leave for North Goa (Arambol). From 24th Oct till 31st Oct I will be at Goa. On 1st Nov by 8:00 am will leave for Hyderabad and expecting to reach Kolka
  2. Sure...this will be my first trip covering a huge distance. So , will note each and every details .
  3. Hi Sagar, can you please throw some light on this route in case you are aware of Dargaroad - ORR – Chevella – Manneguda – Pargi – Sedam – Kalaburagi Ring Road – Jevargi – Vijayapura – Sarawad – Mudhol – Sankeshwar – Ajara – Amboli ghat – Banda – Pernem – Arambol beach
  4. Thank you very much and will be of immense help since I am travelling from Kolkata to Goa on 21st Oct 2020.
  5. Dear friends, I am travelling from Kolkata (21st Oct 2020) towards North Goa (Arambol) to be precise by car (hatchback) . Can any one help me with a detailed and latest routes including where halt for two night as planning to go via Vizag and Hyderabad. Also, which will be the best and shortest route when coming back from North Goa to Hyderabad and then to Vizag.
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