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  1. Hi Sagar, Gowtham and Kshitiz, I cannot thank you enough for your guidance. It's much appreciated. I will take your inputs into account while planning the trip. It's still a few weeks away. Kshitiz - I am very familiar with the route from Kolhapur / Nipani to Goa (Panjim). I used to ply this route several times a year when I used to live in Pune and know it like the back of my hand. The only section I am unsure of is from Solapur to Kolhapur or Nipani. The other two sections (Hyd - Solapur; Nipani - Panjim via Amboli & Sawantwadi) are a breeze. The Amboli Ghat is
  2. Dear Friends, I am planning a road trip to Goa (Candolim) with my one year old child. I would greatly appreciate some specific feedback on the most ideal route to take. Other than what Google is showing as regular routes, I was contemplating Hyderabad - Solapur - Kolhapur - Nipani - Goa.
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