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  1. Will start return on 28th, will post return experience.. Will also try to click some pictures. Did not take any while coming here..
  2. Started around 8:30AM from Gwalior and reached home at Bareilly at 2:30PM.. Did not go via Hathrus as planned, instead took Etah route. Roads were mix bag. Some section were 4 lane, some were single.. Traffic was typical of UP, had hard time negotiating overtake.. Happy that reached by 2:30 against Google prediction of 4:30PM. 3 days, Bangalore to Bareilly, 2150KM. Good to be home..
  3. So we have reached Gwalior. Staying at Shubhim Highway Treat just after Gwalior bypass.. Nice rooms.. Started bit late from Nagpur at 8:30AM against planned 8AM.. Wasted some time as lost way within Nagpur then again lost some time to find place for breakfast, did not get anything.. Decided to find something on way towards Seoni.. Right after Nagpur, as soon aa the highway starts, MP police stopped us and asked for permit to carry dog with me . then asked original papers.. When pushed back that there is no permit needed for domestic pet and now originals need not to be carried, they
  4. So we have started the trip yesterday at 4:45 AM and reached Nagpur by 6PM with one hour of total breaks in between... Roads are great with few exceptions from Hinganghat to Pune.. couple of overbridge wasted around 30 min.. Today we will try to cover till Gwalior.. we planned to strat at 8AM, looks like we are already late. Kids are yet to wake up.. More details later..
  5. I read on one of the forum that Nagpur - Seoni road is closed till Nov.. Can someone confirm..
  6. This is how I am planning it.. Stay Options Nagpur - JK Rooms 146 Check Inn Service Apartment Gwalior - https://shubhim.com/ Still need to find stay options for return at Narsinghpur and Hyd (after ORR exit towards Bangalore)
  7. Thanks Sagar, so you recommend avoiding Seoni and taking Nagpur - Chhindwara - Narsinghpur?
  8. Hi, Staying at Sagar will be difficult as I don't think we will be able to drive Blr to Sagar on first day..
  9. Thanks Gawtham.. Yes we plan to stay at Nagpur.. As we have dog (small Shih Tzu breed) not all hotels we can stay in.. MY first preference was Le Meridien but they dont allow Pets. I have only only option as of now - JK Rooms 146 Check Inn Service Apartment - which is near to Airport. Wanted more options along with highway... There are several resorts in Pench but not sure if we will be able to cover that distance and will they be open late night.. We don't plan to drive in night beyond 10PM..
  10. Planning to drive from Bangalore to Bareilly (UP) in Oct 20.. We are family of 4 and a dog. Dog is the reason of driving down this distance. Have read lots of posts that Bangalore to Nagpur is doable in one day. Planning as below Start early from Bangalore, reach Nagpur by late evening. Next day Nagpur to Gwalior and third day Gwalior to Bareilly Route Bangalore - Hyderabad - Nagpur Nagpur - Seoni - Narsinghpur - Sagar - Lalitpur - Jhansi - Gwalior Gwalior - Agra - Hathrus - Budaun - Bareilly If anyone can give inputs on following
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