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  1. Has anyone done this recently? Is it possible in 2 days?
  2. Depend on your speed and driving condition.. Doable in 13 - 14 hours comfortably with enough breaks..
  3. Cost depend on your car and speed you drive.. You can do in a day if you start early and maintain average of 80KM per hour..
  4. Very much doable.. It's only 852 KM.. Only problem is that you will have to cut across Nagpur.. See if you can go on Sunday or public holiday.. I did 1225 KM from Seoni to Bangalore in 17 hours last week..
  5. I you plan to go via Sagar then have a look at my post at I came back this week, road are awesome. Take Nagpur bypass, google will help. There are two flyover under construction, one at Hinganghat and another 20KM before Nagpur, you will spend 10 - 15 min each at there. Hinganghat area have potholes but you can still maintain 80 - 100KM speed depending on your skills. You can stay at Seoni, Narsignpur or Sagar, plenty of options. While going via Seoni there is a diversion, read my post on how to work that out.. If you plan to go via Itarsi then I am not aware of that route.
  6. It seems Le Meridien Nagpur accepts pets with additional charges of Rs 1500. Call their central reservations to book with pet, not the hotel directly.. I called hotel and they refused, saw a Vblog today that they accept pets via central reservation desk. Hyatt Hyderabad also accept pets with charges of Rs 2500..
  7. If these were on Hyd - Nagpur, that's changed now.. did not find any patch this bad except two flyover, one at Hinganghat and another around 20KM before Nagpur where we have to drive on a diversion which is bit bad. There are potholes around Hinganghat but can be negotiated easily.. Google is not showing the route via Raipur.. please check on that. If you plan to take Google Map route via Seoni, then start early and you can reach Seoni by evening.
  8. I have come back from Ramnagar, Uttrakhand to Bangalore this week.. read my post I have read lots of posts, people taking Jabalpur route for mid and eastern UP. You can reach Nagpur in one day, very easy and great roads. Try to keep day 1 lunch packed. Less options post Hyderabad. Next day go via Seoni, read my post on road condition and how to cross.. Forest guard may ask to take diversion via Katangi, don't do that, it's nightmare is what I heard. 5 min of negotiation and they will let you go.. Have a nice trip..
  9. So we are back safely to Bangalore.. Started return journey from Ramnagar, Uttarakhand to Bangalore on 28th Oct and completed 2215KM trip in 2 days. Originally we planned to cover this distance over 3 days just they way we went up north.. Plan was to complete Ramnagar - Narsignhpur (891 KM) on first day, Narsignhpur to Hyderabad (801 KM) on second day and Hyd to Blr (576 KM) on third day. We maintained a good speed and energy level on day 1, we were supposed to reach Narsinghpur by 8PM but crossed it at 6:45PM so tried to cover more distance. Had some hotel numbers in Seoni handy and got room in Hotel Shivani Palace. Hotel is in middle of city, in busy market. Good rooms, fine for one night stay. Food was surprise, did not expect it to be so good. Reached Seoni at 8PM, after dinner slept by 10PM. Covered 1019 KM in 15 hours of drive. Almost non stop except one stop for home packed lunch at a patrol pump along with fuel. Next day we started at 6:30AM, with 2 kids and a dog, it is very good. We calculated if we can cross Hyderabad by 2 PM than we shall be home by 8PM and that was a mistake of going by gut feeling rather facts (planned timing and previous experience of Blr - Bareilly journey). Anyway we completed the journey of 1225KM on second day and reached home by 11:30PM after driving 17 hours which include 45 min break for lunch, 3 -4 small break for tea and stretching, solid traffic at entry and exit of Hyderabad & Kurnool and good wait time at 3 toll plazas.. May be because of a long weekend (30th Oct - 1st Nov) we got more traffic on 29th Oct.. With just one driver it was a big stretch, I am happy that we did it without much trouble expect I am completely exhausted. Sun was set by 6 PM and till 11:30 PM drive was in dark, bit tough. Key point which I learnt is wipers are of no use to clean insets, better to clean wind shield manually with wet cloth. Take small stretching break every hour, task kids and wife to keep you awake and have lots of water. Have done enough day time long drive but this was first longest night drive. Coming to Seoni Ghat section, here is the video link, few of you asked details.. They have the barricade right after Seoni town on NH 44 where old town toad of Seoni meets NH44. They will ask to go to town, take NH 26 and then turn on NH 54 towards Katangi and then take NH 251 to merge merge back to NH 44 around Pauni. I requested them to let us go. This time they let me go without any facilitation charges. Here is the video.. The bad section is of around 3KM - 4 KM or may be less. I covered it in 8 minutes. Back to journey.. I usually do not make note of toll, fuel, stay or food cost.. Here are some estimates Toll - Bangalore to Bareilly around Rs 3000, total 33 toll plaza Ramnagar to Bangalore around Rs 3200, total 35 toll plaza Toll between two station can be found at http://tis.nhai.gov.in/tollplazasonmap?language=en I took full tank around 7 times throughout the journey. I drive XUV 500 W11 Automatic and tank size is 70 liter and I get around 10KM of mileage with AC always on. Both time we packed day 1 food. At Nagpur for kids dinner, ordered from Pizza Hut (Zomoto). We ate at Raghave Dhaba (https://goo.gl/maps/BwdProGWPxniVuyA8) on Sagar bypass on day 2 journey. Good food. Dinner was at Shubhim Highway Treat (https://goo.gl/maps/qBxRjQGxQJ1qU47b6) Gwalior where we stayed for night. Again good food but very slow service.. Day 3 we were at home by lunch time.. Picked up jalebi and Kachori from a road side stall near Taj at Agra, best breakfast in years. While return, on day 1 ate dinner at Hotel Shivani at Seoni. Very good food and quick service. On day 2, we ate lunch after Nirmal at Sri Sai Tea and Tiffin, did not note exact location. Nice food and very good coffee.. Road conditions - Throughout excellent. Easily can get average of 100KM or above per hour. While return after Hinganghat towards Adilabad there are potholes but manageable and still can maintain speed of 100 KMPH. Covid - No stopping, no checking, no passes whatsoever anywhere. Not at borders nor at hotels. Masks is good for own safety. We were to Nainital for couple of days, went to market multiple times. The country is back to normal, just because our offices are allowing to work from home and Amazon is delivering at door step, we think world outside have stopped.. Nope, life is back to normal.
  10. Take Hyderabad - Nagpur - Seoni - Narsinghpur - Lalitpur - Jhansi - Gwalior route.. There are few options you have at Narsinghpur, Seoni and Sagar which allow pets, use Booking.com to find, there is a filter for Pets. Here are some options which I kept for my return journey Narsinghpur Shukrana - 9300960279 Rajmahal - 7892897108 Atithi - 7792236753 Sagar Deepali 7582263910 Crown Palace 7582298577 Seoni Anand 769222222 Shivani 9595201817 Rajwada 7692228304 If you are two drivers, you may attempt to cover in a way. Consult Vet for calming medication for dog if needed. Check my other comment on road condition at Pench.. I will try to make video of ghat section while return drive..
  11. Hi, We stayed at JK Rooms 146 at Nagpur, it is near to Airport. It's a service Apartment. We have a dog thus had no choice except this one. If dog was not there I would have not stay at this place, though it is safe. You will find several options on outer ring road. There is no road at ghat section however if allowed you can easily drive, all type of vehicle including trucks pass it. We plan to take the same route while return, which we will start tomorrow. Yes if raining heavily than avoid it as it is mud road. The bad section is around 3 - 4 KM somewhere within red area in the map I attached here. Work is in full swing. Rest of the road is super awesome. I was told that Katangi diversion will add 40KM and it is a narrow single lane ghat road. Have a nice trip...
  12. Will start return on 28th, will post return experience.. Will also try to click some pictures. Did not take any while coming here..
  13. Started around 8:30AM from Gwalior and reached home at Bareilly at 2:30PM.. Did not go via Hathrus as planned, instead took Etah route. Roads were mix bag. Some section were 4 lane, some were single.. Traffic was typical of UP, had hard time negotiating overtake.. Happy that reached by 2:30 against Google prediction of 4:30PM. 3 days, Bangalore to Bareilly, 2150KM. Good to be home..
  14. So we have reached Gwalior. Staying at Shubhim Highway Treat just after Gwalior bypass.. Nice rooms.. Started bit late from Nagpur at 8:30AM against planned 8AM.. Wasted some time as lost way within Nagpur then again lost some time to find place for breakfast, did not get anything.. Decided to find something on way towards Seoni.. Right after Nagpur, as soon aa the highway starts, MP police stopped us and asked for permit to carry dog with me . then asked original papers.. When pushed back that there is no permit needed for domestic pet and now originals need not to be carried, they walked off. Picked up Poha, Samosa and Kachori from a road side staff just before Pench. Tasted awesome. At Nagpur we checked with a driver on road status at Seoni and said it is closed by by the power of Gandhi ji they will let us do otherwise we have to take 60KM extra on single lane road with trucks which will add anther couple of hours. Followed is instructions, Ghandi ji is universal truth and works everywhere . Roads are great till Lalitpur, after that lots of patch work. Gwalior bypass is worse. Was able to maintain cruise at 140 till Lalitpur post that 120.. Lots of cows on road and local traffic (bikes with triple riders). Have to be bit careful. Tomorrow Gwalior to Home at Bareilly. Should ne 5 - 6 hours.. More later
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