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  1. I would probably say it is a miss, coz we also didn't find the hotel for sometimešŸ¤£šŸ¤£. Atlast we caught it.
  2. Hi shekar, i have already covered trichi and tanjavur in the last trip. so excluded those for this time. We booked OYO rooms which are available at best price when you book it on the same day of stay. overall stay experience was good. we had some issues with oyo receptionist at madhurai. We cannot speak Tamil and he cannot speak English. This is the only issue and rest of all are fine.
  3. Places Travelled Hyderabad - Tirupati - Kanchipuram - Madurai - Rameshwaram - Dhanushkodi - Palani - Guruvayur - Coimbature - Bangalore - Lepakshi - Hyderabad No. of people 5 in Vitara Brezza Day 1: Hyderabad to Tirupati Day 2:Dharshan at Tirupati Day 3:Tirupati to kanchipuram Day 4:kanchipuram to madurai Day 5:Madurai to Rameshwaram and dhanushkodi Day 6: Dhanushkodi to gurvayur via palani Day 7: Gurvyaur to coimbatore Day 8: Coimbatore to hyderabad via bangalore and lepakshi First trip of 2021 has became the b
  4. Hi Sridhar, adding to this I wanted to tell you that Divya resort has been force shutdown before lockdown itself. So kindly remove it from the list. I would suggest few more family restaurant and dhabas. 1. Sony dhaba which is now owned by zyka, another branch of has been reopened. 2. MS Reddy dhaba which is a very neat and clean unlike all the dhabas, families can have a tastiest food here. 3. Adding to it, there is an Punjabi dhaba on the right side once you cross nirmal bypass. It has separate family section. I had a very good experience with that dhaba when compared wi
  5. There was only one checkpost at kurnool and no one is asking about your travel pass. They are just noting down your name and no. Of members travelling.
  6. A long drive to Tirupati with family on weekend. So we, started at around 8am from Hyderabad after doing successful Ganesh pooja. We opt to go Tirupati via kurnool, nandyala, kadapa. Roads were to awesome, you can enjoy the drive peacefully. We took around 3 breaks. One is for breakfast, lunch and then for snacks. So probably overall break time was around 3 hrs. We reached Tirupati successfully by 5pm with some sort of minor issues with police on the kurnool to nandyala highway. We just parked out vehicle down the highway to have our lunch and the cops fined us for no parking. How
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