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  1. Hey thank you for the answer, I really dont know the way. Hence asking in this forum ?. If you say Bhubaneswar I will take that way, any route which is faster. Since I am going with my family, I really cant risk driving at night. Any help with time to start and where to stop would really help. If you know any good stay in these places it would also help. I am going with a dog, so have to call them and beg them to let me stay with him in their rooms. All the dog related consultants have closed shops during these times, so no help from their side. Wherever I stop, hoping to stop at
  2. Hello Team members, Hope to get the answer I am looking for. It has been few months since train facilities were cancelled. I had hoped that they would resume soon, but cant see it happen in next few months also. My parents stay in a small nearby town near Kolkata, I had hoped to reach to them during covid times. My inlaws are staying with me luckily , they had come to our place before covid times. During such time, any person would want to be safe and secure in one place. So I am hoping to drive the Mumbai-Kolkata stretch. Reason of not taking a flight is because of my son(he is a
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