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  1. awesome, thanks for the post. very helpful
  2. Hi @Sankalp - MH rejected my epass request stating fitness certificate required. did you had to furnish fitness certificate? how to get the same? is it required for all traveleres
  3. Hi, can you pls share your experience about Hyderabad to Lucknow road trip. where all did you stay? drove alone or with family ? best route to take and routes to avoid ? any passes required?
  4. Thanks Sankalp. I am planning for road trip with family ( 2 small kids) from Hyderabad to Lucknow via Nagpur. this is very helpful. Did you stay in Nagpur in any hotel ? if yes, can you suggest the name?
  5. Hi, im planning for a road trip from Hyderabad to Lucknow, with family ( 2 small kids), with a halt in Nagpur. pls suggest the best route post nagpur, and a good place for another night halt, during covid times. travelling by XUV500 planning to stay in Le Meridian in Nagpur, for night stay.
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