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  1. @Mallika looks like the diversion is no longer there, based on this recent comment on another thread:
  2. I wouldn’t say that the entire road from Hyderabad to Nagpur is excellent (by South Indian Highway standards, at least). I travel in a Polo and I wrote my assessment of the road condition last July in this post: I did the same route (Hyd Nagpur) 1 more time, in early Oct 2020, and not much has changed. The main takeaway is be cautious from the moment you exit Telangana. All the way upto the Traffic Signal at Jaamb where you take a 90 left towards Nagpur. The road in that stretch presents you with sudden bad potholes which can be really bad for low g
  3. NH 222 in Maharashtra (the same road that cuts west around Nirmal, in Telangana, and is wonderful while in Telangana, until you cross over to Maharashtra) should be avoided at all costs. I once went from Indore to Hyderabad via Ajanta caves (Khargone, Yawal Wildlife Sanctuary, MH Border, Ajanta, Parbhani, Nirmal, Hyd) and it was a road so bad I was shocked that a National Highway could be that bad. Trucks were needing to dodge those potholes they were so deep and so bad. Just avoid the Marathwada region if you can help it. Really poor job by Maharashtra government on civic amenitie
  4. Hey @sagar no I carried items I could survive on. Some parcelled food that I refrigerated at the hotel, some fruits etc that remained useful across both days, kimia dates, thermos etc for coffee/tea. No stops at all in the presence of people, like a shop or restaurant.
  5. I travelled back from Dewas to Hyderabad this last weekend. Nothing much different in terms of the road conditions: Dewas to Ashta (Bhopal Road): Good road, can speed. Beware of the herds of stray cows though. Ashta to Kannod: Careful in the ghati patch (the hill ghat roads on the descent) other than that the usual level of caution while driving on 2-lane state highways. Speed bumps may be unmarked. But road condition is quite fair. Kannod to Harda: Bad patch prior to Narmada Bridge. Huge speedbreaker that comes before a Y-fork in the road, take the one to the right, a
  6. Hey @Jav4652 please check out the post over here: for the info you are looking for. Thanks!~
  7. Here is a detailed overview of the Road Journey from Hyderabad to Dewas, which is the same as the road to Indore until a place called Double Chowki, from where Indore Bypass is only 23 more km on NH-47, and from where I cut north towards Dewas. Hyderabad to Nagpur (27th July 2020) Nagpur to Betul (28th July 2020) Betul to Dewas (28th July 2020) Driving time for Nagpur (Le Meridien, South end of the City) to Dewas (Nagpur -> Betul -> Harda -> Kannod -> Double Chowki -> Dewas) was around 9-10 hours (including occasional stops, no scenic detour in
  8. I drove from Indore to Khandwa on Sunday (9th August). The road is the same, except a small 15km patch at the end where you exit the AB Road and head east in the direction of Khandwa. And I will say that just based on the Khandwa<->Indore road condition, I will recommend the via Nagpur Betul Harda Khategaon Kannod route to go to Indore. I travelled that recently, on my journey from Hyderabad to Dewas, on 27-28 July. I have a hatchback (Polo) and there are patches of road between Indore and Khandwa which are so bad that nothing on the whole Betul to Indore (via Harda Kannod
  9. Here is what I can tell you about the part of my recent trip which overlaps with your route: Hyderabad to Nagpur (27th July 2020) Nagpur to Betul (28th July 2020) I hope others will provide information about the rest of your trip (Betul to Bhopal). I left the Bhopal route at Betul and headed to Dewas via Chicholi > Timarni > Harda > Khategaon > Kannod > Chapda > Double Chowki > Bangarda > Lasudia.
  10. Yes, I went to a doctor in the neighbourhood (I drove around looking for a small and less busy clinic, since I wanted to avoid a place where I may pick up COVID). I explained the situation and asked for a certificate saying that the subject (me) does not have any COVID Symptoms. The doctor checked my BP, Temperature, asked a few questions, and then issued a certificate. Attaching mine here for your reference. He charged me 500 Rupees for it, which is the same as what you pay many places for consultation, so I paid without trying to negotiate. Maybe you could get a better rate per member f
  11. I feel you on the roads between Betul and Indore. NH47 is highly un-national-highway-like on average during that stretch.
  12. Posting links here for any others who may want to read: Hyderabad to Nagpur (27th July 2020) Nagpur to Betul (28th July 2020) I hope others will provide information about the rest of your trip.
  13. Hey @Richin good to know you have also decided to opt for Le Meridien. My experience was fine, no issues. Helpful staff. Good luck!
  14. For Hyd to Nagpur I've posted above, for Nagpur to Bhopal I do not have much to say, except that the roads from Nagpur until the Indore exit at Betul from the National Highway are quite good. This is based on the Journey I did from Nagpur to almost Indore (Dewas) on 28th July 2020. FUEL TIP: Diesel Prices in Maharashtra were cheaper by 2 rupees per litre, so I got my tank filled before crossing over to MP. Saved 60 Rupees. ROAD CONDITION: There is road construction (main highway is under maintenance) going on near the Thermal Power Plant which you see when you are
  15. Hi @Richin, I stayed at the Le Meridien which is outside the city and you reach it first when coming from Hyderabad. I will admit it is a pricier hotel than the usual accommodations I prefer, but I was looking for something that was isolated and it fit that perfectly. Secondly I wanted a hotel which would not spare any expense in measures against COVID, and Le Meridien seemed OK on that aspect as well, since it's part of a big chain (Marriott) and they have a reputation to protect. I found the stay there to be quite satisfactory. Meals were delivered to my room, and all employees s
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