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  1. Hello Sagar, Really, really appreciate your efforts in planning out our road drive. However, we are thinking of 1 hour break after every 4 hour drive. Considering this: 1. Where would we reach with our 4:1 hour drive plan2. Any safe & secure place to halt the night around that location3. Any additional points of advice/caution Regards,
  2. Hello everyone, We [2 brothers, only 1 knows driving] are planning for a road trip from Hyderabad to Kolkata in the coming weekends. Hyundai i20 Sports.This would our first long road trip crossing 2 complete states. We are a bit concerned about the road conditions, how safe & secure the entire stretch of road is, any points of concern, or to be noted?We plan to go in 4-hour drive <> 1-hour rest and halt at nights at safe & secure places. Considering COVID19, we plan to rest in the vehicle.We would be packing light food & snacks & water for the entire trip.Requesting this
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