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  1. Wouldn't recommend LED projectors. Also do not spend a fortune on lights. There are few lights that perform as good as reputed brands. Reputed brands just offer warranty and charge for the warranty and brand value. Check with Mr. Amit from Blaze India (9871 490 280) regarding iPH projector fog lights and give my reference as SK from Hyderabad Ford Freestyle owner. Many good reviews of iPH HID fog projectors.
  2. Thanks bro @Sridhar Tandra! Yes. Bi-Xenon 55W projector headlights - ON LED fog lights - ON Hella Comet 500 100W halogen spot beams - ON In scenario you mentioned, my setup doesn't do justice. Again, Hellas are spot beams. We cannot expect them to perform in the same way a driving lights perform. My HID projectors in the HLs need an alignment check. Hopefully, post alignment work they can perform well in the above mentioned situation. LEDs in fog are strictly not a standalone lights. They just compliment the HLs by brightening and lighting t
  3. Thanks Prabhakar! Sometimes its a difference between horrible accidents and a safe journey. In my case its very much true. That will never happen. At least till the buyers change their mindsets from mileage, looks, features, fancy gizmos, touch screen etc... Manufacturers will keep on concentrating on giving useless stuff instead of essentials.
  4. Thanks @Gowtham That becomes all whites Gowtham. They are definitely good as long as the weather condition is dry. But once when it turns bad, the visibility becomes totally bad and zero (my personal experience) As far as my experience goes after using different type of lights on my Ford and City, I prefer a mix white and yellow, and different beam patterns. My idles setup goes this way, Powerful halogens in the HLs. if dual barrel HLs then, Powerful halogens in HBs and HID projectors in LBs. Projector fog lamps. Bi-Xenons. iPH preferred bec
  5. Life's too short to worry about warranties mate. you will never have a safe journey if you keep on thinking this way. Moreover HBs are used on highways. Light will not go to the opposite lane. In case you feel the opp traffic is getting blinded, there is always a switch to change to LB. Don't listen to people who talk all noble but does nothing noble. My suggestion, 90/100 or 100/130 Halogens in HLs with proper relay. iPH Bi-Xenon Projector fog lights. Halogen spot beams. The result will be a difference between day and night.
  6. Can you share the rough estimation for overall setup? HIDs - 13500 Inc installation LEDs Fog - 7k Hella - 3600 + 2500 installation.
  7. My Set-Up Headlights - 55W 5000K Bi-Xenon Projectors. Fog Lights - 7000 Lumens 5000K LEDs. Auxiliary Lights - 100W Hella Comet 500 Spot Beams with clear lens. The Result Effortless highway drives even at speeds such as 140kmph.
  8. "National Crime Record Bureau’s Accidental Deaths and Suicides in India-2014 report stated that poor visibility, animals coming on the roads and parking of vehicles on road shoulders killed hundreds of people in AP and Telangana in 2014-15. Apart from traffic and road infrastructure, poor visibility cause fatal accidents – 154 died in Telangana in 2014-15." Lighting is one of the most underrated parts of a vehicle. (source: Deccan Chronicle) For whatsoever reason, I see no automobile journalist, channel or reviewer talk about lights & tires. I don't know if their knowledge is l
  9. Its a must visit place and a quick getaway for people from nearby places. Thanks buddy. I'm writing an article on all the places and must visit places in Godavari District and AP.
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