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  1. Beautiful pictures and in detailed review as usual.
  2. My travel score is sadly zero. Haven't travelled to those areas yet. I want to first explore Andhra Pradesh, its wildlife, forests, and nature. Particularly East Godavari & West Godavari is blessed with some of the most beautiful places and forests which mostly are unexplored. I have been to Yanam, Nallamalla forest and Maredumilli forest. People say one day is enough, but its not. There's a lot to explore and I need to visit the places again in monsoon. Probably we need to write a blog about must visit places in AP as well. My another favour
  3. It was the massive Hummer that caught my attention @Ranger.? It was only when I read the title I rechecked the pic. Anyway, congratulations. ?
  4. Welcome @naresh237 there are no upcoming meetups planned as of now. The section will be updated immediately after planning a meetup. The forum is always checked and is kept up to date by the admins/moderators. Also, the URLs posted in all the sections are correct.
  5. Looking for petrol smell air freshner. I really love that smell. Any suggestions?
  6. Yes at times. Buffering and braked video while playing. But none while in download sceeen mode or while downloading. All these on app.
  7. My review on DDPAI Mini 2P dash cam after using it for more than 8months Brand: DDPAI Model: Mini 2P (2K recording) Price: 7.5K including hardwiring kit Place: Amazon Link: https://www.amazon.in/DDPAI-Mini2P-Distortionless-Dynamic-G-Sensor/dp/B07KYWH7MN/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=DDPAI&qid=1573281833&sr=8-2&th=1 The quality is good, but the concern raised by many regarding number plate quality hasn’t been solved. One will find it difficult while looking at the video at speeds more than 50kph but can be readable when paused and zoome
  8. Thank you @karthik I always prefer early morning drives, and if night drives will start before 6.00pm before busses start their journey. Always try to be 2hrs ahead of heavy vehicles (mainly bus). This way we can have a peaceful drive. I always follow this while driving to Vijayawada.
  9. Very well said @sahil I always prefer halting mid way for Bengaluru drive unless started early in the morning. Main reason being traffic. We get easily exhausted after entering city, driving continuesly on highways. Reasons are many...
  10. Thank you @Ranger Absolutely right. I always try to avoid ORR during nights for the same reason.
  11. Roadtrips... long drives... holiday to the hills driving our car, gives a high to all the drivers. Driving to the beaches or to the unexplored hills with our family or friends is an all-time favorite activity. Driving is fun, but a single error makes it a disaster. All drivers know the feeling - a frightening realization behind the wheel of the car when a wave of drowsiness hits, that you may be too tired to go on. A blink of an eye is all it takes for one to end up trapped inside a toppled car or a badly mangled car in the opposite lane. 20% of the accidents on India
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