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  1. REVIEW POST: DASHCAM: DDPAI MOLA N3 Almost a month back I bought DDPAI mola N3 (without GPS) dashcam. So here is the review of the unit: Few things I considered while buying the unit: 1. 2K resolution, I should be able to see reg no. as clearly as possible. Also, to get better videos, this will not only serve as dash cam but also will be useful to save good quality scenic drives. 2. Support upto 128 GB MSD 3. 180 degree rotation, this dashcam helps you not only to capture vidoes outside the car, but also you can simply rotate the unit
  2. Lovely pictures! We Visited in Oct 18, My blog of Rajasthan is still brewing, will be pouring soon! Your pictures simply rekindled our memories!
  3. Did Go karting in Kompally long back during 2012 And recently did few laps in Chicane. Undoubtedly, it is the Chicane circuit which is better.
  4. Very nice share @Anand Singh. Beautiful & crisp log. Nice pictures?
  5. Had a great drive session yesterday. It was nice meeting you lovely people!!
  6. Confirmed Members: 1. Ranger (Civic) 2. Pralay (Grand i10)
  7. Thanks for sharing the report @Ranger Wonderful pictures. It was wonderful meeting you all. Couldn't even realize that we spent half a day together! Looking forward for the next meetup. ?
  8. I think your question is if the shot was taken from the newly opened park. Yes. It is from the newly opened park what you can see from the food court of inorbit.
  9. A promise of a new tomorrow! Clicked from Raheja park, opposite Inorbit mall, Hyderabad.
  10. Nice travelogue. Enjoyed reading it fully. Add to that lovely set of pictures. I liked all the photos of wide roads, great clicks. Thanks for sharing
  11. Still 7k is fine. but 30k+ would be pain when you realise that you are not using it much. Thanks for the info & clearing the doubt. You are always spot on when it comes to sharing information. ??
  12. Glad that you liked it. ? Will it support non type-c phones? What about i phones? Still 30k+ is heavy on pocket for people like us who seldom travels and do not vlog much. I guess, with the time this gadgets will be easier on pocket.
  13. Ok, I think then SJCAM will be fitting in your budget, may be without mount. Apart from that you can check up YI cameras as well. @Ranger can give more insights to it as he is a current YI user I guess. Be it any camera, would be cheaper if you can get it from outside country. Overall I would say, SJCAM is great considering the price point, and I am extremely satisfied with it. But still would suggest to go for a cam with good DIS if not OIS. Trust me, you will not regret. Videos with and without IS make huge difference to eyes. Happy Hunting!! ?
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