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  1. Ya agree.. It will take ~15 hours more or less be it any route
  2. Chorla, Tilari ghats are specifically for north. Anmod can be taken for South, looks like that also has few bad patches. Not sure if roads are good via hubli and Karwar. Traffic was very normal in chorla and tilari. There wasn't any place where I was stuck in Goa or enroute Goa due to traffic.
  3. Ah so anmod is also same. I think all ghats are more or less same. And 15 hours is inevitable for direct journey. Have fun!!
  4. Touchwood. My kid slept really well in car. Thanks for wishing and have a safe journey.
  5. Thank you. Yes mollem anmod is the best bet. However it will be around 16 hours drive without halt and wondering how you will be managing kids?
  6. Thanks You Amit bro and Shiva. Happy road tripping.
  7. Hyderabad > Belgaum > Goa > Belgaum > Hyderabad Travelogue Nov 2020: Amateur in writing travelogues so please bear with me. Total round Trip 2000 km Drive Ecosport Fuel Diesel Mileage 16 kmpl Road Condition PFB Break up of roads. Overall Good (keeping in mind about past hyd <> goa roads) with speed bumps all over Ktak
  8. Thanks for the amazing blog @Gowtham. Hi Team - Planning to buy below dash cam. Can someone please share some insights if you have checked this earlier (or) using it already. https://www.amazon.in/gp/product/B07L7TJ8BW/ref=ox_sc_act_title_8?smid=AJT2XDFHXWA1M&psc=1 Regards, Santosh Reddy
  9. Hi Team, I haven't found any post on Coorg. Can someone please throw some insights. 1) Where to stay, Madikeri or Kushalnagar etc so that we can stay nights and cover places. 2) Approx cost of hotels etc 3) Route from Hyderabad Regards, Santosh
  10. Thanks drive king for the information. Good that i came to know that OYO will give room to unmarried couples? how safe is it? I'm planning this weekend. Its a sudden plan and i'm kind of worried about rooms as we are bachelors...
  11. sorry for the late replies. We have been to beach @ 9 am on sunday morning. Temperature was better than what we expected near the beach, but once we are back to nagayalanka village things got horrible, too much humidity, May be this isn't the best time to visit
  12. Really sorry for the late update. Gowtham that was just awesome information from you or may be you should start writing tour books (Just kidding). I have been to hamsaladeevi last week. I've one of my frnd at nagayalanka which made accommodation and food easy for us. We took the route Hyd - Vjy- Avanigadda - Nagayalanka. We followed a route from Nagayalanka to Hamsaladeevi which is single lane road amidst villages all the way till beach. Road condition is average and better than I've expected. Journey from Nagayalanka is almost 35 km which took 1 hours for us. Unli
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