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  1. Thanks much bro Thanks much bro.. I checked all your blogs around pune before I planned this and they were very helpful and amazing content.. As you suggested, I'll definitely do this once again in monsoons 👍
  2. Weather wise its all good. Personally i felt hyd was colder than pune & lonavala. Mahabaleswar temp's were lower than hyd ranging around 10 in early morning. Regarding dryness, yes for pune and lonavala but mahabaleswar wasnt dry. Idk how FEB will be, will defer @mit1682 to respond on this. But I'll surely do this trip once again in monsoons.
  3. Hyderabad > Pune > Lonavala > Mahabaleswar > Pune > Hyderabad: Total round Trip ~1800 km Drive Ecosport Fuel Diesel Mileage 17 kmpl Road Condition PFB Break up of roads. Overall Excellent. Drive time 12 hrs from Hyd > Pune Hinjewadi (Including ~1.5 hour pitstops). Hotels
  4. I personally wouldn't recommend taking any ghat road after belgaum during night time. Day light is recommended. Plan accordingly so that you can drive in the ghat road during day light.
  5. For me both were more or less same.. However as per others feedback tilari is Better than chorla, but Plz note that there is very less traffic in tilari road, hence make sure you do this during day light.
  6. 1) Paradise - might stick to this one now given the Sanity. Below are excellent in taste but we definitely have Sanity issues: 1) Shadaab 2) shahghouse 3) bavarchi Other best ones both in taste and Sanity: 1) Astoria rtc x roads (once upon a time around 2012, don't know how it is now). 2) Swagath
  7. Hi Ayan Don't really recall the village names but, Jevargi to bijapur city bypass road without any detours (SH55) which is an excellent state highway. From Bijapur bypass to Bagalkot highway, I followed Google maps to land on Bagalkot highway. Driven for 1 km roughly on bijapur to hubli 4 way NH road. We have a take a detour on this NH to land on Bagalkot state highway.
  8. Ya agree.. It will take ~15 hours more or less be it any route
  9. Chorla, Tilari ghats are specifically for north. Anmod can be taken for South, looks like that also has few bad patches. Not sure if roads are good via hubli and Karwar. Traffic was very normal in chorla and tilari. There wasn't any place where I was stuck in Goa or enroute Goa due to traffic.
  10. Ah so anmod is also same. I think all ghats are more or less same. And 15 hours is inevitable for direct journey. Have fun!!
  11. Touchwood. My kid slept really well in car. Thanks for wishing and have a safe journey.
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