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  1. I have recently come across the Fastag being introduced on the Hyderabad ORR. Noticed the boards as 'Hybrid Fastags' Can somebody please explain what this is?
  2. Nice one so far @Ranger.. We are waiting for the next
  3. This pricing is heights, I doubt if people would really go for this :O I was expecting it to be around 8K to 10K at the maximum and I am no where close to these numbers :@
  4. Hi bpt, My friend who hails from Vizag had told me that it was conducted in 2017 in Araku for the first time by AP Government. This year it's said to be scheduled between 18th to 20th of January in the valley. There were different shaped balloons available such as Chicken Egg, Honey bee and Baby car which we can choose apart from the regular balloon rides.
  5. Hi Shuvam, My colleague has visited Kutch last week during the Christmas weekend. As per his update, The place was very crowded due to the Rann Utsav. Accommodations around the Rann Utsav area were very expensive. Do plan smartly and make your reservations well in advance.
  6. Looks so much fun .. Missed this drive.. Planning to visit Hampi with family this weekend. Thanks for sharing the details on the current road conditions. Very helpful. I will take the route via Kurnool and divert towards Alur. Will share an update if there are any more changes.
  7. Awesome write up and pictures @Shekar.. I have never seen Ethipothala so beautiful during my pasts visits to Nagarjuna sagar. I really feel like visiting this place this coming weekend. Would you suggest the same water flow this month or January ?
  8. Yes, after going through this discussion, I wanted to share these pictures of the campsite. Looks beautiful. These were clicked with their mobiles so, couldn’t get them well but I can imagine the kind of sunrise they have enjoyed at this site ?
  9. Hi team, Last week my friends have been here and camped at this view of the Gandikota gorge.. Sharing the pictures here ?
  10. Hi guys, i have received an image from a friend about the Sahasrakund waterfalls near Adilabad. Sharing it with you. Everyone are free to share their knowledge and information about this falls. I feel, this would be a decent place for a weekend drive ?
  11. Hi Rohit, You can check out the link below for time to time updates on the dam and water levels. http://irrigationap.cgg.gov.in/wrd/dashBoard
  12. Hi guys, I have come across this new ORR beyond Hyderabad connecting all majors cities or districts in Telangana.. Any insights on this?
  13. Hi guys, I have been to Srisailam yesterday... 4 gates have been opened due to the heavy rains and the reservoir being reached to its neck. Hoping for more gates to get opened by the next weekend if the flooding continues as this way
  14. Can imagine the beauty in Kerala being hit by nature himself so badly this year. A picture of athirapally falls shared by a friend before the place got flooded ?
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