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  1. 7,500 sounds super expensive for a pre launch.. Especially when the prelaunch of Sumadhura project beside wave rock is at a lesser price than this
  2. This is surely not an authorised post, It is a public forum where people post information about running projects as per information received. It helps public from getting cheated through various brokers. I have also received the same quotation on this project. I have the proof of it too.. What is the right quotation as per your end?
  3. Hi, any idea of this project launch date?
  4. I’m sorry that I can’t share on a public forum and I tried posting it on your personal chat. I think it’s restricted as well.
  5. This seems like a very vast project from Rajapushpa.. The price looks expensive. The project beside this which is My Home AVATAR is offering somewhere around the same price for ready to occupy flats.
  6. When it is Coming from a trusted reputed builders, you can take a chance. May be if you could visit their office, you will get a clearer picture
  7. Hallmark builders are pretty good in construction quality and timely delivery. they have their reputation,. You could go for it..
  8. Looks like a new concept.. Sky villas above the apartments. Any brochure or building plan available? This is spot on at the perfect location and no wonder they went sold out in its first phase launch
  9. As per the latest update, the diversion has been removed.. Nagpur - Jabalpur - Rewa - Prayagraj - Lucknow Road work is in progress before reaching Rewa.
  10. Where do we have to meet them btw ? Do they have office sited at the location?
  11. Project name : Celosia Nest Builder company/name : Virtusa Life Spaces Project Status: Under construction Project price(per sq.yd) : 26,000/- Project Location : Isnapur, https://goo.gl/maps/sAaBAtPJfi325XkK7 Project Details:
  12. This is probably the tallest so far in the Hyderabad city as per my Knowledge.. I’ve recently visited their Acropolis Venture at Nanakramguda. Loved their quality of work and options given. Totally worth the investment and I’m sure this is going to be one of their best ventures in Hyderabad
  13. What is the construction status of this project?
  14. Project name : Fortune Pride Builder company/name : Susthiraah Infra Projects Project Status: Pre Launch Project price(per sq.yd) : 6000/- Project location: Mumbai Highway Google maps link : Project : HMDA and DTCP approves Project Details :
  15. Project name : Hill County Builder company/name : Thapovan Avenue pvt. Ltd Project Status: Under construction Project price(per sq.yd) : 8,500/- Project location: Kadthal Google maps link : https://goo.gl/maps/sDbFmELQVSR9fgN59 Project RERA: NA Project Details :
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