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  1. @Tapahasu I cant find @Artiray in the directory can you let me know if I m missing something.
  2. HI All, I am planning to start my journey on 11th Jan 2020, from Hyd to Kolkata , I have done Hyd to Vizag in 2018 and know the road condition pretty well. I am skeptical about day 2 drive from Vizag to Kolkata Few Clarification How's the road conditions from Vizag till Kolkata , What time should I start from Vizag. (family of 3 ) Lot of people warned me to avoid driving in AP & OR border , OR & WB border (During early hours & late night) Would like to spend some time near Chilka lake (30 mins) any preferred restaurant etc P
  3. @Santa86 let me know the leg from Vizag to Kolkata , I am planning my trip in January .
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