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  1. Yeah, Let me explain this. **These are purely my personal opinion from my experience. Precautions: Usually I stop my driving before sunset, So that it will be easy to identify the camping site, Mostly I prefer Temples as camping sites. I always carry two charging lights, We park our vehicles around the tents. Safety: When we are only boys, It is almost safe to camp anywhere. When we have ladies with us, Camping should be done in group, at-least > 5 Yes, South India is safe for camping, [I did not camped in north, So no idea].
  2. Thanks @shiva, yeah did a monsoon trip as well with trifod friends. here the link
  3. Summary: Hyderabad -> Chikmagalur -> Mysore -> Lepakshi -> Gandikota -> Ahobilam -> Hyderabad Please forgive for not mentioning much about roads, I can say all roads are easily doable in this trip. KMS: 2326.8 Cars: Ecosport Kwid AMT Members: 8 Adults and 1 Kid Budget: [Ecosport + Kwid] Fuel + Toll : 24,000 Hotel + Home Stay : 8,000 Before trip Grocery Shopping: 5,000 Extra: 4000 Total : 41,000 Exactly what we spent from our pocket. Let's start with the planni
  4. I was part of this trip... Red T shirt guy (red !?) Fun fact is, we stayed in misty home stay, They charged 1700 per head, But in online they are asking 2800 per head.😝 Just adding few snaps...
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