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  1. Thank you for the suggestion, will add it to my list. I think Bogatha falls is going to be hectic for two days. Laknavaram is always booked and too overcrowded for my liking.
  2. Hi All, We(four boys) are planning to go on a two days road trips from Hyderabad (Saturday and Sunday). We are willing to drive not more than 200~300 kilometers per day. Any place/stay recommendations are welcome. We are looking for accommodations that has nice views.
  3. Launch: New launch Location: Tellapur GPS: https://goo.gl/maps/rSbUNNFBfSvwc4AF7 TS RERA Regn No. P01100002276 AMENITIES 09 High-Rise Tower G+29 Floors Entrance Lobby for each Tower 2BHK- 1253 2.5BHK -1505 3BHK -1840 Central Park 03-Level Basement Parking ( 3rd BS level only for Tower no’s 1,2,4 &6) Children Play Area 52,000 sq. ft Club House Outdoor play court Iconic Structure @ Entrance avenue
  4. Any information on project launch date? Trying to find floor plans. We liked this project a lot.
  5. Great skills behind the camera. Pictures look pretty sharp. All the best for XUV and future trips. Hope I will get some off-road shots.
  6. Wow, track looks beautiful hope common people like us can get access. Want to test the top speed of my car.
  7. Great pictures. Few suggestions to eliminate noise from pictures. Are you using tripod? If not use tripod and bring ISO to 100, shutter speed down to compensate light.
  8. Hi All, I am looking for Villas/Plots in and around Mokila and Kollur. Any suggestion please share the details. My budget is limited to 2CR for Villa, looking for a new launch. I came across Aparna Plots in Mokila, what is your suggestions on it?
  9. Once COVID is gone. we should plan a drive with TriFOD group. It would be fun.
  10. fantastic log, it was fun reading through. Next time plan in monsoon, it is heavenly.
  11. Welcome to the group. I would suggest Hyderabad ->Humnabad -> Gulbarga -> Bagalkot -> Hubli -> Gokarna Hubli to Gokarna roads are little unpredictable can range from poor to good sections. Rest of the roads are good
  12. Thank you for sharing the helpful information. Hotel details are captured very well.
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