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  1. Sad to see this happening for a 20L car. I did not expect his from KIA. KIA owners who invested their hard earned money must have felt cheated.
  2. Perfect planning, I am contemplating between flight vs road trip. Very useful information. I wish your kid a very happy birthday.
  3. I was fined for doing 60KMPH near Jubliee Hills. 40KMPH looks silly. Each and every person in Hyderabad will break it. All they need to do is click a picture. Money minting machine.
  4. If you start early in the morning, you can cover all the three places in a single day. Start 5AM in the morning. Early morning trek is too good in monsoon.
  5. This information was very handy. One of my friend recently go stuck due to heavy rush. I shared him the above details. He was able to make an entry without any issues.
  6. Investing on automobiles is a gamble looking at the current situation.
  7. Go with the plan suggested by Gowtham. You need to cover most of the ground on the first day of your journey. Drive is going to be hectic, If you are planning to cover the distance in two days. Decide a plan, either two days or three days.
  8. Received this forward: SAHITI SITARA@Gachibowli *Luxurious Residential Suits @6,000/- per sft* Free launch offer ============= Details : G +21 tower in 1.2 acre land Project Completion Dec 2023 Approvals under process 2nd floor to 9th floor Service Apartment -------------------------------------------- 1BHK 631 sft 10th floor club house 11th to 17th floor Luxury Apartment( 2.5BHK and 3BHK ) --------------------------------------- 2.5BHK Sizes ------------------ East 156
  9. I can see your passion for travel. Great going. Pictures came out very well. It was fun reading through. I have visited this waterfalls accidentally during college days. Roads were very narrow and goes through villages. Is it still the same?
  10. Excellent report Sridhar. Any restrictions at Ethipothala and NagarjunaSagar dam?
  11. Kollur pre-launch options are generally between 2200/- ~ 2500/- depending upon project/builder. Kollur is a very good option. Pre-launch in the current situation is a gamble. Construction progress can be slow compared to pre-COVID days. Many people I know have invested in different projects around Kollur. All in all, it is a gamble. It is still a good option. What is the price quoted?
  12. Very refreshing travel log. Looks like an ideal place to visit during covid times. I think Saturday and Sunday are good enough to visit? I guess they are open now. Check their Facebook page.
  13. Thank you sharing your experience. Electric vehicles are future. Test drove Nexon EV. It is fantastic car to drive. If we get 500 kilometers range. It will be a perfect city car.
  14. Nice post lone ranger. Perfect timing for me. I am considering Ather for groceries shopping. I am fine with range. My only concern is price. Any test drive available for Ather in Hyderabad?
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