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  1. Hi Guys, Of the petroleum provides in India, who do you think offers the best Petrol in terms of Quality of Petrol & Mileage. Until recently I was not particular about where I refuel my car. But of late I have observed that Essar petrol is returning better mileage when compared to other operators. Kindly share your findings Regards Johney
  2. I hope you had a wonderful trip. Could you kindly share any pics relating to camping
  3. There also an App on the store "My Fastag", by using the above handle we cab recharge of anyone and no login required. I have this and works like a breeze, cheers
  4. Thanks All for sharing so much Love and Info will update the road conditions and pics (hopefully) once I return, cheers
  5. Hi All, I am planning to travel from Hyderabad to Tirupati by road on 5th Dec (Night Drive). Can anyone please suggest the best route? and road conditions. I have seen searched reg. same on the site however could not find any new topics. Regards Johney
  6. Short and sweet report I have been wanting to do Hyderabad to Covi form a very long time. Morning 4 to Night 9 sounds feasible, will try during Dec this year.
  7. Have this on to visit list, heard a quite a bit about this during the recent past, will visit during October and sure will write a small post about it Also, are we guys planning any meetups, as I am eager to join you guys.
  8. Bogatha waterfalls (300KMS ~) Bheemuni Paadam Waterfalls, Gudur (200KMS ~) Mutyala Jalapatham Waterfalls(260 KMS ~)
  9. This was during January 2019, and the roads were work under progress onve we cross Telangana border
  10. Hi @sagar this is close to Steel Plant Twp, Visakhapatnam around 13 kms very, its secluded beach good for hanging around even on a holiday.
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